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Digital Tunnel game

Play Digital Tunnel free online now. Keep your cursor inside the walls of the tunnel. Touch them and you only get so many retries. Click start and follow the... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.546 times
Digital Tunnel game info

How to play the SWF game:

Since the browsers blocked the SWF files you can use an extention to play the games.
Ruffle - has extentions for Chrome and Firefox

Click to Play Digital Tunnel

The game will will open in a new window.

Game Preview click to play

Digital Tunnel Game
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Digital Tunnel Online Game

Digital Tunnel Game Description

Keep your cursor inside the walls of the tunnel. Touch them and you only get so many retries. Click start and follow the tunnel to the finish while avoiding walls. Collect bulbs to gain extra lives. The faster you finish the better your score.

Digital Tunnel Game Instructions

This game Is very simple to play. All you have to do Is move your mouse, When a Level is started, you can see the levels borders and it's start and finish area.

The goal in the game Is that you manage to move the mouse from the start to finish location. Without colliding with the levels border, off course. You start the level by clicking on the start area.

Once you mess up, your cursor will turn red. The timer will stop and you have to restart the level If you manage to hover over the finish button without messing up, you're taken to the next level.

There Is a timer on the top of the screen. You must go through the 24 levels as fast as possible. There are high scores, so be fast. You can also get bonuses for picking up black balls that lie around. You have 3 lives. Getting a black ball will add one. If you press ESCAPE In the game, you're taken back to the main menu.

Play the Digital Tunnel Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Digital Tunnel Game Screenshot

Digital Tunnel Game
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Game name: Digital Tunnel
Played: 4.546 times
Category: Other games » Drawing games
Author: Eviludy Entertainment

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