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Play Idiot Test 6
Idiot Test 6 game free online

Idiot Test 6 Game

The latest and greatest installment of the Idiot Test game series.

played 17.497 times
Play Impossible Quiz 2
Impossible Quiz 2 game free online

Impossible Quiz 2 Game HOT

Oh no! Impossible Quiz NUMBER TWO. Don't hurt yourself with this one. The rules are simple. Try to complete the quiz by answering all of the "questions". It may sound easy, but you...

played 9.532 times
Play Invisibility The Dissapearing Cursor Game
Invisibility The Dissapearing Cursor Game game free online

Invisibility The Dissapearing Curso... Game

Are you clever and calm enough to use your mouse with your eyes closed and not go mad? In this game you have to move you mouse from the go button to the stop button. However, it is n...

played 3.863 times
Play Johnny Vegas Mind me Bloody Beer
Johnny Vegas Mind me Bloody Beer game free online

Johnny Vegas Mind me Bloody Beer Game HOT

Help johnny vegas, save his beer.. see how long u can stop him from spilling it. Try to hold onto your pint in this game of reflexes. The longer you hold, the drunker you get. A man...

played 5.246 times
Play Kill Time in Youre Office
Kill Time in Youre Office game free online

Kill Time in Youre Office Game

Try to do all the things during office hours but don't let your boss know! If the boss comes out, just click the computer to resume working. Don't get caught or you'll be screwed. Di...

played 3.115 times
Play Kitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon game free online

Kitten Cannon Game

Launch the helpless orange kitten into a field filled with bombs, trampolines, and kitten-eating venus fly-traps and see how long he lasts.

played 8.127 times
Play Le Casse Dents
Le Casse Dents game free online

Le Casse Dents Game

It's a classic game of hardball but with a twist. You have to break all the guys teeth. Funny clone of the classic Arkanoid game

played 4.597 times
Play Lord of the Rings Swig and Toss
Lord of the Rings Swig and Toss game free online

Lord of the Rings Swig and Toss Game HOT

Drink, fire, and chance meeting are pleasant enough, but, well - this isn't the Shire. Bet money and try to throw your axe at the target without missing. What do the guys from the mo...

played 8.508 times
Play Love Zapper 2
Love Zapper 2 game free online

Love Zapper 2 Game HOT

Love Zapper 2. Again, win the hearts of boys by zapping them, LOL. Keep clicking on the heart above the progress bar to fill the bar faster than your opponent. Click on every boy on...

played 8.598 times
Play Madness Reaction Time
Madness Reaction Time game free online

Madness Reaction Time Game HOT

Try to dodge the bullet. Click with your mouse to dodge the bullet. Dont dodge too early! No game is fun when there is no penalty for losing. In this game you'll have to pay the ulti...

played 5.368 times
Play Make Your Funny Food Face
Make Your Funny Food Face game free online

Make Your Funny Food Face Game

Who says you aren't supposed to play with your food? That is exactly what this food is for! Silly and great game! Print your creation once you are finished!

played 21.158 times
Play Mega Jump
Mega Jump game free online

Mega Jump Game

Pull back the catapult and launch the green alien at the right time. Launch the frog with catapult as far as possible. Try to use the wind to your advantage.

played 5.099 times
Play Micro Madnetics Turbo Tester
Micro Madnetics Turbo Tester game free online

Micro Madnetics Turbo Tester Game HOT

Launch the cars just right so that they hit the ramps and score you points. Launch the Hot Wheels cars on to the different ramps. Accuracy counts! Send 'em up ramps to score mega poi...

played 7.895 times