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Asteroids Revenge 3 game

Play Asteroids Revenge 3 free online now. For hundreds of years humans have destroyed asteroids. It wasn't personal it was just business. One... Read more

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Played: 4.519 times
Asteroids Revenge 3 game info

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Asteroids Revenge 3 Online Game

Asteroids Revenge 3 Game Description

For hundreds of years humans have destroyed asteroids. It wasn't personal it was just business. One day an asteroid woke up and saw the destruction and took revenge by attacking the human spaceship. And so the human ships gathered for a meeting, and decided that all the asteroids in the universe must be destroyed. Now the humans are coming to your home. Fight to save your fellow asteroids! Humans are attempting to destroy all asteroids! Can you save yourself and the asteroid belt? Take revenge on all those ships by guiding your asteroid to ram into them.

Asteroids Revenge 3 Game Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move or your mouse, your asteroid will follow your mouse.

You control the largest asteroid. Crash into ships and mines to destroy them. Avoid bullets!

Small white ships are the most common ship type. Watch the center to see how close it is to firing. Once it shoots destroy it before it can recharge!

Yello ships ships avoid you and shoot powerful green lasers. Try to trap them in a corner or surround them with your allies.

Mines are dangerous. You must destroy them... otherwise innocent asteroids could stumble upon them and be destroyed! Green hurts everyone, blue only hurts you and red only hurts your allies. Mines will do area damage so it is best to spread out when facing them.

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Asteroids Revenge 3 Game
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Game name: Asteroids Revenge 3
Played: 4.519 times
Category: Other games » Insane games
Author: Unknown

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