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Play El Emigrante
El Emigrante game free online

El Emigrante Game

Jump the border fence and avoid the police for as long as you can as an illegal alien! Get away from the cops on your bike before they manage to hit you.

played 2.955 times
Play Escape The Paparazzi
Escape The Paparazzi game free online

Escape The Paparazzi Game HOT

There's a big premiere at the Mann's Chinese Theater and you've got to make it there by 7 pm or you wont get in. The problem is, you've got a ton of paparazzi on your tail. Lose them...

played 9.148 times
Play Face Breakout
Face Breakout game free online

Face Breakout Game

Knock the ball into the heads to clear the stage, weird game! Addictive though. One of the strangest Breakout remixes out there. Graphics different, but gameplay is classic.

played 4.485 times
Play Five Finger Pellet
Five Finger Pellet game free online

Five Finger Pellet Game

How many times can you stab the table without stabing your poor hand? Use the knife and perform tricks around your hand, just don't cut yourself... or can you?

played 4.584 times
Play Flatout
Flatout game free online

Flatout Game HOT

Test your crashing skills in this unusual car game! Press the key when needed to pick up speed and fly as far as possible.

played 2.864 times
Play Four Seconds Frenzy
Four Seconds Frenzy game free online

Four Seconds Frenzy Game HOT

What can you do in four seconds? We don't want to know. But can you defuse a bomb, do math and leap over buildings in time? Test your Reaction and Skill in this superfast Game! 50 mi...

played 5.552 times
Play Freddys Shank Fest
Freddys Shank Fest game free online

Freddys Shank Fest Game

As a hobo it is your sworn duty to shank all the innocent civilians you can. Fail to shank 4 civilians, and it is game over.

played 4.706 times
Play From Space with Love
From Space with Love game free online

From Space with Love Game

You are a peaceful alien from planet Zethra. Your mission on Earth is to make people stop killing each other and to teach them to live in peace and harmony. After years of studying h...

played 10.431 times
Play Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2 game free online

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2 Game

One day in a quaint little pet store, a cat just suddenly brings havoc to all the rats his eyes laid on. This is the sequel to the bloody mouse mash. Make Fuzzy the kitten bounce on...

played 6.531 times
Play Fuzzy McFluffenstein Mouse Mash
Fuzzy McFluffenstein Mouse Mash game free online

Fuzzy McFluffenstein Mouse Mash Game

Enter the cute but bloody world of Fuzzy McFluffenstein Hate mouses? Well then, smash them dead till the last one of them! Warning this game contains escessive ammounts of violence a...

played 4.416 times
Play Get Home Get Lucky
Get Home Get Lucky game free online

Get Home Get Lucky Game

It's after closing and someone special is waiting at home for you. But it's a jungle out there! Having a top night out can involve a few drinks, but we all know that having too ma...

played 4.341 times
Play Gung-ho
Gung-ho game free online

Gung-ho Game

you are a big boss in a busy factory. You have to keep the productivity high. Click on the sleeping workers to wake them up to maintain productivity.

played 2.712 times
Play Happy Pill
Happy Pill game free online

Happy Pill Game HOT

Why should only doctors spread all the joy? Place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns upside down! But avoid taking too much or it will be over-dozed. Hit the sad faces with t...

played 5.647 times