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Play Madness Reaction Time
Madness Reaction Time game free online

Madness Reaction Time Game HOT

Try to dodge the bullet. Click with your mouse to dodge the bullet. Dont dodge too early! No game is fun when there is no penalty for losing. In this game you'll have to pay the ulti...

played 5.736 times
Play Mental
Mental game free online

Mental Game

Escape the mental hospital in the fastest possible time. You control 3 characters in the game. Each can be used to complete different tasks that ultimately helps all of them to escap...

played 7.482 times
Play Minefield Of Death
Minefield Of Death game free online

Minefield Of Death Game

Oh, no. Somehow, you've landed in the Mine Field of Death. How to get out? Well, you could fall to your knees and pray for Divine Guidance. Or you can try and find the right combinat...

played 4.480 times
Play Moron Marathon
Moron Marathon game free online

Moron Marathon Game

Run as fast as you can till you get to the red tiles,and then stop on the red area or else you'll lose. The faster you press the keys, the faster your character will go. Enjoy!

played 5.342 times
Play Mr. Georges Torture
Mr. Georges Torture game free online

Mr. Georges Torture Game

Torture the captive with bullets. Demolish every part of this teddy's body. A rather bloody game. shoot out his eyes, buttons, kneecaps and more gross things.

played 5.208 times
Play Music And Wind
Music And Wind game free online

Music And Wind Game

Sort the music notes into tubes that sit by little island shacks. Yeah, strange I know. Collect same color or same music symbol together to create a harmony song. Just click on the h...

played 4.864 times
Play Nexgame Ice Walls
Nexgame Ice Walls game free online

Nexgame Ice Walls Game HOT

Fun de-stressing game. Break through the walls before the guy smack the wall with his head. Punch the walls of ice just in time so that you break them. Fairly difficult. This game is...

played 6.903 times
Play Noisy Farmer's Chickens
Noisy Farmer's Chickens game free online

Noisy Farmer's Chickens Game

The chickens woke you up with their noise. Get in your tractor and kill the noisy chickens with the cannon.

played 3.495 times
Play Oh My Head
Oh My Head game free online

Oh My Head Game

You are a barber. Shave the customers' hair using your razor before it grow even longer. Shave the heads of your customers but not too much or else their blood will spill on the floo...

played 2.718 times
Play Parasite X
Parasite X game free online

Parasite X Game HOT

Blood cells are tasty, eat and evolve to survive. Your a parasite. You like to eat blood cells. The hosts body is trying to kill you. survive as long as you can. in this intense gam...

played 3.641 times
Play Pencil Racer
Pencil Racer game free online

Pencil Racer Game

Create an exciting ride for your favorite vehicle! Draw it, Play it, Save it, Share it! More vehicles! New art shapes! Easier to draw, easier to share! The XL is for Excellence!

played 6.394 times
Play Pengu San
Pengu San game free online

Pengu San Game

Eat the fishes as quickly as possible. Try not to miss any. Eat fish to drop bombs on opponents.

played 2.711 times
Play People Reach The Copter
People Reach The Copter game free online

People Reach The Copter Game HOT

Create a tower of people up to the helicopter. Don't let them tip over! Nutty Japanese game, stack up people to reach the safety helicopter. Form a human chain, vertically and reach...

played 7.606 times