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Play The Timewaster Ultra
The Timewaster Ultra game free online

The Timewaster Ultra Game

"The Timewaster Ultra" is a game that tests your skills, short-term memory and intuition. It's about pressing buttons in a specific order. It features 40 unique tests with plenty of...

played 4.909 times
Play Tobby And Kiki
Tobby And Kiki game free online

Tobby And Kiki Game

An evil dog has kidnapped your fiance kiki and tied her to a rocket ready to take off, extinguishes the burning wick with your hose before it is too late. Save your girlfriend by sto...

played 4.108 times
Play Tornado Button Smashing
Tornado Button Smashing game free online

Tornado Button Smashing Game

Go around as a tornado smashing a city to pieces. Pound the enter button as you rip apart a city with your huge tornado. How long can you hit it? Controll the tornado in this game an...

played 8.609 times
Play Unicorns And Hand Grenades
Unicorns And Hand Grenades game free online

Unicorns And Hand Grenades Game HOT

Once upon a time on Unicom Island, when the guava trees were in bloom and birds or paradise nuzzled by the sunset, there lived the most sprightly, magnificent creatures of all - THE...

played 5.925 times
Play Upgrade Complete
Upgrade Complete game free online

Upgrade Complete Game HOT

Here's a game for people who LOVE upgrade systems. Nearly EVERYTHING in the game can be upgraded, including Menu Buttons, Game Graphics, and loads more! You even have to buy your own...

played 3.965 times
Play Wake Up Pussycat
Wake Up Pussycat game free online

Wake Up Pussycat Game

It's kinda like cow tipping. Poke sleeping kitties. Catch hairballs for points and powerups. DON'T poke waking kitties. Okay, it's nothing like cow tipping. But it's still fun. Poke...

played 2.733 times
Play War Of The Clowns
War Of The Clowns game free online

War Of The Clowns Game

What the hell is going on in the circus? All the clowns are running wild. Your task is to knock out those crazy clowns or they will drive us all nuts. Just pick up the items appearin...

played 2.710 times
Play Warthog Launch
Warthog Launch game free online

Warthog Launch Game HOT

Very original! Try and blow up each Wart hog that is in the air. Choose where your car is going to be, how many bombs and the position of the bombs to launch your car in the air and...

played 4.729 times
Play Weird Bicycle Game
Weird Bicycle Game game free online

Weird Bicycle Game Game

A realistic but weird Bicycle Game. Ride your bike but avoid the teddy bears, while riding your bike you will go further down the road. Speed increases after every 1000 points.

played 5.898 times
Play Wrath II
Wrath II game free online

Wrath II Game

Mankind has run amok, and it's up to you to set them straight! A game where God turns against nonbelievers and destroys them like only the almighty can. Killing one person at a time...

played 5.259 times
Play You Da Fly
You Da Fly game free online

You Da Fly Game

Be the fly for once. This game ranks very high on my Weirdshit'o-meter!!! Play to see if you can outsmart the evil humans!!!

played 3.687 times