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Insane Games

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Play Croc Hunter Feed Um Babies
Croc Hunter Feed Um Babies game free online

Croc Hunter Feed Um Babies Game HOT

Feed the croc babies. You must make 10 points to move to the next round.

played 13.878 times
Play Bowling For Nuns
Bowling For Nuns game free online

Bowling For Nuns Game

Take out as many nuns as you possibly can with your trusty bowling ball. And the Lord said to them, 'Go ye forth to the land of beer and nuts, and bowl ye with nuns.'

played 9.748 times
Play Insane Aquarium
Insane Aquarium game free online

Insane Aquarium Game HOT

Get your insane aquarium goldfish to grow bigger and bigger till he's eating all the fish! If you're not big enough yet, look out for puffers, swordfish and deadly sharks. Really fu...

played 8.603 times
Play Rock Paper Scissors Roulette
Rock Paper Scissors Roulette game free online

Rock Paper Scissors Roulette Game HOT

Inside the pistol only has a bullet, choose wisely when you pick rock, paper or scicors. If you win your opponent has to take the gun and shoot. If you lose, you have to. Warning thi...

played 8.506 times
Play Ant Arena
Ant Arena game free online

Ant Arena Game

Defeat your ant opponent in the arena! Ram your ant into the others to kill them. But, don't hit head on or you'll be splatted!

played 8.292 times
Play From Space with Love
From Space with Love game free online

From Space with Love Game

You are a peaceful alien from planet Zethra. Your mission on Earth is to make people stop killing each other and to teach them to live in peace and harmony. After years of studying h...

played 7.938 times
Play Escape The Paparazzi
Escape The Paparazzi game free online

Escape The Paparazzi Game HOT

There's a big premiere at the Mann's Chinese Theater and you've got to make it there by 7 pm or you wont get in. The problem is, you've got a ton of paparazzi on your tail. Lose them...

played 7.607 times
Play Super Viking Shark Punch
Super Viking Shark Punch game free online

Super Viking Shark Punch Game HOT

There are just a few words to describe this game. Strike terror to sharks that dare get in your way!

played 7.579 times
Play Humanity The Armageddon
Humanity The Armageddon game free online

Humanity The Armageddon Game

Kill the world by creating a virus. Try to get it to spread globally to kill everybody. Lay down your mighty fists on the World as you play God by spreading viruses, creating horrend...

played 7.396 times
Play Boom Boom Volleyball
Boom Boom Volleyball game free online

Boom Boom Volleyball Game HOT

Play a nice game of volleyball without a ball, just a big bomb. Run on the beach in your bikini hit the ball and spike it down to win. The aim is to get the bomb on the opposing play...

played 7.372 times
Play Dentist Damage
Dentist Damage game free online

Dentist Damage Game

Why haven't you been to the dentist for a while? Shoot the organisms before they destroy the teeth. When decay gets too bad. You'll need to perform a root canal. Severely decayed te...

played 7.268 times
Play Ragdoll Volleyball
Ragdoll Volleyball game free online

Ragdoll Volleyball Game HOT

This game is so weird we had to add it, play volleyball with rag doll people. An addictive ragdoll-physics based volleyball game. Win matches against five other ragdolls to become ch...

played 7.066 times
Play People Reach The Copter
People Reach The Copter game free online

People Reach The Copter Game HOT

Create a tower of people up to the helicopter. Don't let them tip over! Nutty Japanese game, stack up people to reach the safety helicopter. Form a human chain, vertically and reach...

played 6.746 times