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Insane Games

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Play Indian Arranged Marriage
Indian Arranged Marriage game free online

Indian Arranged Marriage Game HOT

Celebrate the sacred union of two hearts.....The Indian Way! Each level has different puzzles to complete to go through with the marriage.

played 2.801 times
Play Flatout
Flatout game free online

Flatout Game HOT

Test your crashing skills in this unusual car game! Press the key when needed to pick up speed and fly as far as possible.

played 2.687 times
Play Chain Of Fire
Chain Of Fire game free online

Chain Of Fire Game HOT

Start a fire and watch it spread. Set em on fire - burn them all to win! A new twist on the popular chain-reaction game genre. The objective is the burn as many stick figures...

played 2.133 times
Play Croc Hunter Feed Um Babies
Croc Hunter Feed Um Babies game free online

Croc Hunter Feed Um Babies Game HOT

Feed the croc babies. You must make 10 points to move to the next round.

played 14.661 times
Play Rock Paper Scissors Roulette
Rock Paper Scissors Roulette game free online

Rock Paper Scissors Roulette Game HOT

Inside the pistol only has a bullet, choose wisely when you pick rock, paper or scicors. If you win your opponent has to take the gun and shoot. If you lose, you have to. Warning thi...

played 11.499 times
Play Ragdoll Volleyball
Ragdoll Volleyball game free online

Ragdoll Volleyball Game HOT

This game is so weird we had to add it, play volleyball with rag doll people. An addictive ragdoll-physics based volleyball game. Win matches against five other ragdolls to become ch...

played 10.002 times
Play Catch A Shit 2
Catch A Shit 2 game free online

Catch A Shit 2 Game HOT

Bounce the poo off the stool to the john. The more shit you send to toilet, the more shit will be shoot to you!

played 9.305 times
Play Super Viking Shark Punch
Super Viking Shark Punch game free online

Super Viking Shark Punch Game HOT

There are just a few words to describe this game. Strike terror to sharks that dare get in your way!

played 8.690 times
Play Karma Tree
Karma Tree game free online

Karma Tree Game HOT

An amazin illustrative game with a lot of imagination! lay with your mouse and get amazed at random events that you will see. Grow your own Karma tree.

played 7.437 times
Play Warthog Launch
Warthog Launch game free online

Warthog Launch Game HOT

Very original! Try and blow up each Wart hog that is in the air. Choose where your car is going to be, how many bombs and the position of the bombs to launch your car in the air and...

played 4.612 times
Play Absolutely Hammered
Absolutely Hammered game free online

Absolutely Hammered Game HOT

Hammer the nails as fast as you can. Drink some coffee to open your eyes. Hammer as many nails as possible in the last 15 minutes and earn as much bonus as you can. The closer you ar...

played 4.585 times
Play RPS-25
RPS-25 game free online

RPS-25 Game HOT

Millions of people have discovered this new, ridiculously complicated variant of the traditional "Rock Paper Scissors" decision-making game online. Now it is available in interactive...

played 4.565 times
Play Mad Tunnel
Mad Tunnel game free online

Mad Tunnel Game HOT

Surf with the robot in this mad tunnel. A very nice game.

played 1.858 times