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Play Appliances Run Amuck
Appliances Run Amuck game free online

Appliances Run Amuck Game

Household appliances have taken over the world. Renegade appliances are working to destroy what civilization remains. You must defend civilization and take back the renegade's greate...

played 4.251 times
Play City Smasher
City Smasher game free online

City Smasher Game

Ah, yes. Knock airplanes from the sky, kick down buildings, start fires. Just like college! You are the BEAST in this game! Destroy an entire civilization!!

played 5.639 times
Play Asteroids Revenge 3
Asteroids Revenge 3 game free online

Asteroids Revenge 3 Game

For hundreds of years humans have destroyed asteroids. It wasn't personal it was just business. One day an asteroid woke up and saw the destruction and took revenge by attacking the...

played 5.609 times
Play Cat Bat
Cat Bat game free online

Cat Bat Game

Help the cats get up the wall by gently hitting them with you bat, but 'do not hurt them'. The more cats simultaneously you hit in the air, the more points you get. Also do not let t...

played 5.214 times
Play Wrath II
Wrath II game free online

Wrath II Game

Mankind has run amok, and it's up to you to set them straight! A game where God turns against nonbelievers and destroys them like only the almighty can. Killing one person at a time...

played 5.138 times
Play Cat 'O Mania
Cat 'O Mania game free online

Cat 'O Mania Game

Try and figure out the sequence to kill the cat. Try and send the cat into the most uncomfortable situations as possible without getting injured. Click on the pictures below and help...

played 5.069 times
Play Insane Orb EX
Insane Orb EX game free online

Insane Orb EX Game

Use your paddle to deflect the ball. Pong style game with guns.

played 4.689 times
Play Run Lil Broccoli
Run Lil Broccoli game free online

Run Lil Broccoli Game

Don't get chopped by the chef! Run away and knock out the cook using banana peels while avoiding bear traps.

played 4.464 times
Play Face Breakout
Face Breakout game free online

Face Breakout Game

Knock the ball into the heads to clear the stage, weird game! Addictive though. One of the strangest Breakout remixes out there. Graphics different, but gameplay is classic.

played 4.388 times
Play Tobby And Kiki
Tobby And Kiki game free online

Tobby And Kiki Game

An evil dog has kidnapped your fiance kiki and tied her to a rocket ready to take off, extinguishes the burning wick with your hose before it is too late. Save your girlfriend by sto...

played 3.984 times
Play Pigeon's Revenge 2
Pigeon's Revenge 2 game free online

Pigeon's Revenge 2 Game

The pigeon's back, and now it's really going to hit the fan! Aim and release the glorious poop onto unsuspecting victums. Yay for pigeon poop!

played 3.801 times
Play High D
High D game free online

High D Game

"...But Dete had no intention of letting the child go... if Heidi wanted to return home she could do so al once, and then she could take something she liked back to grandmother...Aft...

played 3.769 times
Play You Da Fly
You Da Fly game free online

You Da Fly Game

Be the fly for once. This game ranks very high on my Weirdshit'o-meter!!! Play to see if you can outsmart the evil humans!!!

played 3.601 times