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Blobink game

Play Blobink free online now. Blobland, once a beautiful world inhabited'Sy^civilisation of blobs^has been decoloured and all harmony drained. The Wat... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 9.643 times
Blobink game info

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Blobink Online Game

Blobink Game Description

Blobland, once a beautiful world inhabited'Sy^civilisation of blobs^has been decoloured and all harmony drained. The Water Mafia, led by DonblotTand His*right-hand man^Morisieur L'ink, were the culprits of this attack. They captured all the colourof'Bloblarfd ancl took it to'tHeirWil'hidden lair. They wish to reuse the colour to paint themselves a masterpiece^of pure^vil^TKFblokrp'opulatio'n, miserable because of the lack of colour, fled the town and disappeared. Evidence'shows* tHat'THe1 WateFMafia have kidnapped some of them, including Blobink's girlfriend, Pinki. Your mission now is to rescue Pinki, restore colour to the world and erase Donblob!

Drive a little dot around and make this world beautiful! Color stuff as you go - but watch out for water traps and weird spikey things...

Blobink Game Instructions

Arrow Keys to move and color.

It's now your time, Blobink, to repaint the world to try and lure the blob population back. Your journey will take you through five worlds, each with three sections. You use the arrow keys to move your blob. As you explore, everything will be colourless. When you whack into them, you will splatter them completely in different colour inks! You must paint EVERYTHING in the level to complete it. Even the background needs to be painted.

In Blobink, there is an incredibly varied job and levelling system available for those who wish to expand the RPG side of the game. For those who wish to buckle down and just play the game, they can ignore it if they wish. For those participants, the purpose of it is to watch your character evolve as you play, visually and physically. As you
paint one entity, you gain one experience point. Your level number will be located in the top right corner of the screen, and scrolling your mouse over it will reveal all of your current stats, including required experience to level. It's a lot of fun.

To gain physical adaptation abilities (powers to help aid your adventure such as a power which opens all doors), you can pay for them with points you gain for completing levels quickly. Beginners and newcomers, I suggest you ignore the bonus counter and play the game through at least once. In every level there is a bonus counter, and on completion, the remaining time on the counter is added to your time points. Then on the briefing screen before you enter each level, you can spend these points on awesome items and powers to help you play the game. Click on the item you wish to purchase on the briefing screen. - Each magical ability has additional upgrades to give a greater effect. This feature allows the player to expand his or her role-playing side to their game.

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Blobink Game
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Game name: Blobink
Played: 9.643 times
Category: Other games » Magic games
Author: James, Acrid Rose Entertainment

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