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Magic Games

by playsAmazingly FUN!

Play Picnic Panic Tower Defense
Picnic Panic Tower Defense game free online

Picnic Panic Tower Defense Game HOT

Protect the picnic by setting up your tower defenses. How long until you fail? You build ice, fire, poison and guard towers in Picnic Panic, you also have several upgrade options. Th...

played 5.150 times
Play Dungeons Of Sorddorath
Dungeons Of Sorddorath game free online

Dungeons Of Sorddorath Game HOT

A pseudo 3d fantasy adventure game. Each monster defeated slowly makes you stronger. Fight weaker monsters before tackling stronger monsters.

played 5.084 times
Play The Curse Of Waterdeep Fellowship Of Kings
The Curse Of Waterdeep Fellowship Of Kings game free online

The Curse Of Waterdeep Fellowship O... Game HOT

Another top-down RPG game with classic sprites. Can you finish the story that is meant to be told? Choose between three classes, Warrior, Paladin or Scout.

played 5.011 times
Play Child's War
Child's War game free online

Child's War Game

Do you want to join this rugrat battle? Girls had a great summary in uncle's house. They love to have a running fight at any place they meet, in uncle's lab, outside the fence, even...

played 4.881 times
Play Brotherhood Of Morbus
Brotherhood Of Morbus game free online

Brotherhood Of Morbus Game HOT

In the story of Morbus, you get to choose your character. You can play as a warrior, a traitor, a jester, or an alchemist. Your task is to defeat the Brotherhood of Morbus and stop t...

played 4.836 times
Play Battle Mage V1.0
Battle Mage V1.0 game free online

Battle Mage V1.0 Game HOT

You have been dropped of in some crazy world of aggressive mutants. It is completely up to you to protect yourself. Use the a button to swing your sword at the mutants and the arrow...

played 4.833 times
Play Kimblis the Blue
Kimblis the Blue game free online

Kimblis the Blue Game

You are Kimblis the Blue, a wizard with power over winds! Things ahve been largely peaceful as of late. But you still have a troubling feeling that something is not quite right.

played 4.820 times
Play Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 3
Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 3 game free online

Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 3 Game HOT

Explore the world as you talk to friendly characters and fight against mean ones. If you like RPGs than this should be a good game for you... Beware of spelling mistakes though! A...

played 4.647 times
Play Flash Gauntlet
Flash Gauntlet game free online

Flash Gauntlet Game

Destroy ghosts with your wizard spell collect treasure and potion along the journey. Unlock doors, shoot the ghosts get more keys, and level up. Harder than it sounds.

played 4.515 times
Play Happy Witch
Happy Witch game free online

Happy Witch Game

The Happy Witch needs ingredients for her magic potion. Meanwhile kill any animal, insect or monster that you see.

played 4.338 times
Play Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 1
Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 1 game free online

Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 1 Game HOT

Chapter 1 of the great magical adventure that is "Max Mesiria RPG". A fighting RPG game with magic and sword dueling. Finally the departure day for my studies at the prestigious univ...

played 4.150 times
Play Pico Of The Dark Ages
Pico Of The Dark Ages game free online

Pico Of The Dark Ages Game

Sidescrolling, limb chopping, head decapitating, action game. It is a time of great evil. High a top Mount Doom, the Dark Wizard Allucardis has opened a portal to another realm. With...

played 4.150 times
Play Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 2
Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 2 game free online

Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 2 Game HOT

The magical adventure continues in chapter 2 of Max Mesiria RPG. This RPG-adventure is a bit verbose but well made and very atmospheric, move your guy through the screens, solve ques...

played 3.983 times