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Mickey's Robot Laboratory game

Play Mickey's Robot Laboratory free online now. You have to put the parts together in any way you like to make an original robot. The factory is made up of the differen... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 15.829 times
Mickey's Robot Laboratory game info

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Mickey's Robot Laboratory Online Game

Mickey's Robot Laboratory Game Description

You have to put the parts together in any way you like to make an original robot. The factory is made up of the different sections shown on the left. The assembly sequence is: legs, body, head, arms, funny parts, robot laboratory and the robot warehouse. Test your robot and let him to fight. Have fun.

Mickey's Robot Laboratory Game Instructions

There are 6 leg types. Each has its own special way of moving. You can select according to the movement of the legs or according to their appearance.

After selecting the legs, the elevator button comes down. Press the button to go to the body room. Of course, you can also choose a different set of legs if you want.

Next is the body. There are 19 types of body in total. Try different ones to mane the coolest robot that you can!

After selecting the body, you can click on the UP elevator button. Click on down to go back and choose different legs. Click on up to go and choose a head!

There are 29 head types. First, use the arrow buttons A to select the head that you line, and then click on "OK" B.

After the head is put on. a lever C appears. Click on this lever to 90 and choose your robot's arms!

There are 20 arm types. Click on one of the sets of arms that appear in front of you. Now it's looking like a robot!

After putting on the arms, a lever appears A. Click on the lever to return to the Head room.

When you return here utter adding the arms, you can click on either the UP button A to go to the robot laboratory, or the lever 8 to go to the funny parts room.

If you ate already happy with your robot, click on the A button to go and try it out in the robot laboratory! The lever B leads to the funny parts room!

There are 32 funny part types. Some you can put on the robot's head, and others you can attach to its body or face. Click on
one of the parts that appear in front of you.

After attaching a funny part, a lever A appears. Click on the lever to return to the head room.

Try moving the finished robot.
Use the punch buttons to attach. Practice for the fight.
Try moving the robot to the left and right.
The movement will be different according to the robot's leg type.
The arms move In different ways when the levers are pulled.
You can use the buttons to mane the levers move automatically.
Go to the robot warehouse where you can save or call up a robot.
After testing the robot enter It In a fight!

Enter the robot in a fight!
Buttons for moving left and right.
Guard button. You won't be damaged If your guard Is up!
Walt for an opening and then attach with a punch!
Return to the laboratory.
Your own health gauge.
Your opponent's health gauge.
The number of wins and losses and the current level are shown here.

When the robot comes near, punch it!! Make sure you guard against your opponent's attacks. As your level gets higher, your opponents also get stronger. Good luck!

Play the Mickey's Robot Laboratory Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Mickey's Robot Laboratory Screenshot

Mickey's Robot Laboratory Game
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Game name: Mickey's Robot Laboratory
Played: 15.829 times
Category: Other games » Make Your Own games
Author: Disney

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