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Bratz Babyz Fish Tank game

Play Bratz Babyz Fish Tank free online now. Help the Bratz take care of their fish and decorate their fish tank. It's time to take care of cute fishies in this Brat... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 16.953 times
Bratz Babyz Fish Tank game info

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Bratz Babyz Fish Tank Online Game

Bratz Babyz Fish Tank Game Description

Help the Bratz take care of their fish and decorate their fish tank. It's time to take care of cute fishies in this Bratz fish tank game. Choose from 4 Bratz fishies, decorate your tank with funky tank decorations and take care of your fishy friends. You'll have lots of fun with your fishy friends if you feed them and keep them healthy. they're Bratz fish, so of course they like to be in fashion. Surround them with funky tank decorations you can pick out yourself. When you're ready to mix it up, use the Fish Mix to make new fish, you'll see some crazy combos. And don't forget to sell some fish so you'll have plenty of cash to keep your fish in style. Choose 4 critters, decorate your tank and take care of your fishy friends.To feed your fish, drag the food shaker to the tank. Feed your fish at least once a day.

Bratz Babyz Fish Tank Game Instructions

Pick 4 fish, design your tank and care for your fish. Keep your fish happy and healthy by buying supplies, feeding them and more.

Use mouse to interact.

Care and feeding.
Check up on each fish often. Click a fish see its status.

Feed your fish by dragging a food shaker to the tank. This will fee all the fish In that tank. If you have fish En more than one tank, put food In each tank. You'll need to feed your fish about once a day when your came speed Is set to Medium. If you buy the deluxe or super deluxe food available in Supplies, you feed them less often.

Click buy supplies to shop for special foods or medicines to cure sick fish. You can help prevent fish from getting diseases by keeping the water In your tank clean and about 60 degrees.

If a fish has turned gray and is floating at the top of the tank, it's no longer alive. Click the fish, then click the potty to remove It from your fish tank.

Tank maintanance.
The Tank Info box under a tank shows Its current water quality and temperature. Your fish will be healthier if the water in the tank is clean and about 30 degrees.

u can buy equipment that will clean the water and stabilize its temperature In Supplies. Click BUY SUPPLiES to so there. When you buy equipment, It will automatically be installed in all your tanks.

It's especially Important to buy equipment If you have more than about 10 fish In one tank. It you have more than about SO, its a good Idea to buy an additional tank from Supplies.

Getting new fish.
There are two ways to get new fish: buy them or make them in Fish Mix!

Buying Fish
You can shop for more fish in Supplies. Click Buy SUPPLIES to go there, then click MORE to see the fish you can buy.

Using Fish Mix to Make New Fish
To use the Fish Mix...
1. Drag a fish to Fish mix in your tanks.
2. Drag a second fish to Fish mix.
3. The two fish will swim back Into the Main Tank and eggs will appear In the Fish Mix.
4. Click Fish mix to go to the Fish Mix Tank to see the eggs. After a little while, the eggs will hatch and the babies will swim Into the Main Tank.
The babies will look like combinations of the parent fish. Choose a baby fish and click Family tree to see it up close. Selling fish.
To earn money to buy supplies or new fish, you'll need to sell some fish.

To sell a fish ...
1. Drag the fish to "SELL" in your tanks.
2. Click SELL FISH.
3. You will be taken to the Fish Store. Click the fish to see Its price. You can adjust the price by clicking the up and down arrows.
4. When a customer buys your flshr you'll hear the cash register ring. The price of the fish will be added to your cash.

Important: You can only sell fish while you are in the Fish Store. If you return to the Main Tank or exit the game, your fish won't sell until you click SELL FISH to return to the Fish Store.

You'll rind It easier to sell fish for hleher prices If you buy some Sales Tools, which Include For Sale signs, decorations for your Sell Tank, and advertising. Click BUY SUPPLIES to shop for Sales Tools.

Interior Decorating the fish tank.
When you set up your Main Tank, you can choose from a variety of cool backgrounds, bottom surfaces, and ornaments. Use the arrow buttons left and right to see your choices and click Next when you like how the tank looks.

While you're playing, you can redecorate any time you like. Just click the Redecorate button to start.

To decorate your Sell Tank, you will need to buy ornaments from Supplies. Click the Buy Supplies button BUY SUPPLIES and check out the selection of Sales Tools.

Play the Bratz Babyz Fish Tank Game Free online at GamesLoon!

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Bratz Babyz Fish Tank Game
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Game name: Bratz Babyz Fish Tank
Played: 16.953 times
Category: Other games » Management & Economic games
Author: Unknown

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