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Management & Economic Games

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Play Big Mama's Salon
Big Mama's Salon game free online

Big Mama's Salon Game HOT

Help Big Mama provide the best customer service possible to her salon customers. Help Big Mama provide the best customer service possible to her salon customers. Drag each customer t...

played 6.348 times
Play Top That Deux
Top That Deux game free online

Top That Deux Game HOT

Serve people some salad and sandwiches. Don't make your customers angry or they won't come with you again.

played 6.299 times
Play Toy Shop
Toy Shop game free online

Toy Shop Game

Sell beautiful toys for kids and kids at heart. Pack the requested toy and present it to the kids. Attain the target in each level within the given time duration to play advanced lev...

played 5.985 times
Play Jane's Hotel Family Hero
Jane's Hotel Family Hero game free online

Jane's Hotel Family Hero Game HOT

Take care of your customers once again as you upgrade your hotel and it becomes super busy in this fun management game!

played 5.920 times
Play Dr.Bulldog's Pets Hospital
Dr.Bulldog's Pets Hospital game free online

Dr.Bulldog's Pets Hospital Game HOT

Dr.Bulldog has to cure all the animals that come to his pet hospital. He needs your help to diagnose and treat all the cute sick animals. Can you help him?

played 5.453 times
Play Global Player
Global Player game free online

Global Player Game

Help the conveyor to deliver boxes! As the operator ,you must get all containers to the correct stores. Change the directions of what box will go where by clicking on the arrows. Get...

played 5.195 times
Play The Project
The Project game free online

The Project Game

You are a normal person, with a normal job. You are not payed badly, and you are treated well, but eventually you get tired of the way you are living your life. You decide to try to...

played 5.162 times
Play Internet World Walkabout
Internet World Walkabout game free online

Internet World Walkabout Game

It's Internetworld. Make sure all the delegates are directed to the stands they wish to visit! Look for the icons above the delegates' heads, and then click on them to pick them up u...

played 4.617 times
Play Frosty Freakout
Frosty Freakout game free online

Frosty Freakout Game

Are you ready for a Frosty Freakout? Keep cool with the kids at the local Frosty Freakout ice cream parlor. Build multi-scoop sundaes in this summer chillin' game. Pay attention to t...

played 4.466 times
Play Jack's Bar
Jack's Bar game free online

Jack's Bar Game HOT

Can you keep everyone with filled beer? It's your job to keep the customers in the pub happy. As they approach you for a smooth easy drinking Tooheys New, use your keyboard to serve...

played 4.184 times
Play Veterinary
Veterinary game free online

Veterinary Game HOT

As veterinarian, take care of the pets! Play the role of a girl veterinary. Take care of the pets and provide care and health attention for the pets.

played 3.854 times
Play Road Rage Traffic
Road Rage Traffic game free online

Road Rage Traffic Game HOT

Play is Trafficor, ancient egyptian god of traffic jams, and help rid the world of traffic... The goal of the game is to clear a set number of cars from each level. The number left...

played 3.493 times