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Super Manager game

Play Super Manager free online now. Try and become a millionaire in this fun little supermarket simulator. Your simple goal here is to make money by running... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Super Manager game info

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Super Manager Online Game

Super Manager Game Description

Try and become a millionaire in this fun little supermarket simulator. Your simple goal here is to make money by running a supermarket. You must first buy products to be stocked at your warehouse then put them in your shelves at the store. Just click on the shelves and put your desired products. Products also have expiry dates and if they're still in the warehouse,they will be wasted. You may also upgrade shelf capacity and star rating of the product to sell. Marketing also included.

Super Manager Game Instructions

Mouse - To interact.

The HUD (Heads Up Display) is comprised of 3 panel groups. The top one, known as the "Navigation" panel, is what we are interested in for now.

The 4 arrows on the top left of the screen pan the camera around.
Alternatively you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

The + and - buttons on the top right corner of your screen are the zoom in and out buttons respectively. This allows you to zoom right in to take a close look at your shop or right out to see everything at once.

The final navigating tool is the hand tool. When selected click and drag the screen to move the camera. When you're finished click the arrow button which took its place. The 'H' key can also be used to select or deselect the hand tool.

You can use the 3 buttons in the bottom left, to toggle game speed. Pause freezes play. The lx button is the regular game speed. The 2x button doubles the game speed.

At the top of your screen you will also notice an orange 'time bar'. This bar tells you how long until the day is over. Once the bar hits zero the day is over.

To make money in SuperManager you must sell products. The next part of the tutorial will cover the different menus you will need to use to buy, sell and tweak your products in order to make a profit. You can view your current balance anytime on the HUD.

On the bottom right corner of the screen is the 'Manager panel'. The first button opens the 'Warehouse menu'. The left hand side of the menu displays a list of available products to buy. The right hand side displays the current products you have in your warehouse.

To buy a product you click (or 'Shift + Click' to select many) the desired item(s). Once you have them selected the will glow red. You must then select a quantity of items you desire. If you can afford it then you can click the buy button in order to make the purchase.

Once you have bought a product it will appear in your warehouse, which is displayed on the right of the warehouse menu. You will notice there is a 'Refill all shelves' button.

The self by date (displayed next to the product name in the warehouse menu) tells us when the product will go out of date. When that date comes, if the product is still in the warehouse, it will be wasted. This does not apply to shelved products.

Clicking on any shelf will give you that shelves menu. This menu comprises of 2 sections. Your warehouse on the right and shelf related commands of the left.

To start stocking an item on the shelf simply select it from the warehouse section and dick "Stock this". Once you have stocked it you'll notice a number of options.

Pricing will determine how much each product is sold for. Remember, the higher the mark-up the less likely customers are to buy one.

Clicking on the "Refill shelf button will fill the current shelf with the product it is set to stock. Items will always be taken from the warehouse in order of how close their sell by date is. Alternative! use the "Fill all shelves" button in the Warehouse Menu.

The next button is the "Empty Shelf" button. Clicking on this will empty the current shelf. You need to do this in order to change what the shelf is stocking. Any products remaining on the shelf (if any) will be wasted.

The final button is the "Shelf Capacity Increase" button. Clicking this increases shelf capacity (how many products the shelf can hold at once). This not only decreases waste from having to store products in the warehouse but it also increases sales...

Let's take a breif moment to look at shelf capacity. Shelf capacity determins how much a customer will pick up. They can pick up up to 20% of the shelves capacity. The ammount they pick up still depends on pricing and star rating.

The second icon in the Manager Menu opens the upgrade menu. This allows you to upgrade the 'Star rating' of a product. The more stars the product has, the more probability it has of being picked up by a customer. The maximum star rating is 5.

The third button in the Manager Menu is the Marketing button. This includes 2 buttons which are used to draw in customers (however they cost a monthly fee + a setup fee) and a button for market research. Market research identifies which products are in trend.

A trend is when a product has an increased probability of being picked up. It is a good idea to stock products in trend right at the front of the store. A trend can last anywhere from one week to 1 year!

Bills are taken each week. The bills begin at $750 per week and rise every week by $250 until they reach $3500 per week. Also you are billed for your market research weekly.

If your balance is in the negative at the end of a billing are declared bankrupt and the game is over.

To access daily statistics click on the final button in the Manager Menu. This will open a window with a graph. Click each point to access that days data.

- When buying products if you buy in bulk you get heavy discounts
- If you have long queues at the checkout try pausing ;)
- If you reach $1,000,000 you are entered on the millionaires hall of fame!

Play the Super Manager Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Super Manager Screenshot

Super Manager Game
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Game name: Super Manager
Played: 10.838 times
Category: Other games » Management & Economic games
Author: DS Magnum

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