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Gib Fest Multiplayer game

Play Gib Fest Multiplayer free online now. Join a an awesome multiplayer blood-fest! It is one of the best flash shooters ever made. With very realistic 3D graphic... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.810 times
Gib Fest Multiplayer game info

Click here to play Gib Fest Multiplayer a Flash game.

Gib Fest Multiplayer Game

Gib Fest Multiplayer Online Game

Gib Fest Multiplayer Game Description

Join a an awesome multiplayer blood-fest! It is one of the best flash shooters ever made. With very realistic 3D graphics that work smooth even on slow computers. You will be impressed!!!

You can choose between 5 types of gameplay, story, survival, deathmatch, team and cooperative.

You can play with up to 8 players in multiplayer mode.

Compete against other players with more than 50 different units of weapon, armor and grenades.
Complete the story mode to gain special more powerful items.

Short, short time ahead, in our galaxy. Planet Earth. Year 2036. Our planet is covered with millions tones of garbage. Absolutely ecological catastrophe has almost eliminated all living things on the surface. Some of the humans decided to find a better life on the moon. But the Duck Emperor has built the Mess Star and wanted to conquest all universe. Has he succeeded? Has Lyke Earthrunner stopped him? Have they... Oh, sorry.
That's another story. But here we are with our new friends. Say hello to Baby, Worm and Concrete. Nice.

Gib Fest Multiplayer Game Instructions

WASD – move
Left Mouse Button – shot
R – reload
E – use skill
Spacebar – grenade
Q – switch weapon

You can change your prefered keyboard settings in the options.

Choose between the following characters:

Cement "Concrete" Concrete, unknown age, Albanian, big muscular body.
Everybody was picking on him, because he was from another country and not smart enough.
Likes big guns. Prefers to keep silence, but whenever he speaks up, he sounds like little boy.
Someone told me that he is in love with Alexis, but I doubt it.
The only thing that I know for sure is that he could die for Alexis.

Psychological traits
-truly introverted

Moses "Worm" Wasblack, 27 years old, American of Japanese origin, slim athletic guy, engineer. His family was very poor, and his father was one of the spaceship's creators. He taught his son' everything he knew. Skillful at using shotguns and grenades. Alexis's best friend, he taught her to hunt with rifles.

Psychological traits
-likes to crack jokes
-likes" panic
-likes pizza

Alexis "Baby" Jobs, 21 years old, ..American, beautiful young lady. Very athletic.
Daughter of scientist Bill Jobs. Her mother died when she was 5. Prefers .pistols and machineguns. Convinced that Macrohard Corporation murdered her father. Believes that there is one more spaceship left to escape to the moon. She found out that this spaceship is located in South America. Dreams of flying to the moon and finding her father's murderers.

Psychological traits
-very serious
-sometimes cries while sleeping
-considers her father a hero

An example of a scenario:
They escaped from New York. To be more precise ,they thought they had escaped. The train was moving ahead, straight to the east coast. It was late night and everyone felt so tired they could hardly keep their eyes opened. A sudden noise woke up everyone. A minute later train was off the rails. The people who lived there'must have blocked the railway to defend themselves. They thought hat trains had stopped running and there was no use of the railway anyway. The loud noise startled all creatures nearby. New troubles were on their way. Enjoy the battle.

Play the Gib Fest Multiplayer Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Gib Fest Multiplayer Game Screenshot

Gib Fest Multiplayer Game
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Game name: Gib Fest Multiplayer
Played: 4.810 times
Category: Other games » Multiplayer games
Author: Gib Fest

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