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Play Attack of the Sprouts
Attack of the Sprouts game free online

Attack of the Sprouts Game HOT

Yuck sprouts! They are trying to get in the guys mounth. Smash them hard before they jump in! A funny game!

played 2.459 times
Play Attack To Magix
Attack To Magix game free online

Attack To Magix Game HOT

Lord Darkar has attacked the magical dimension with its evil creatures: the Winx must fight against them. Play with all the Winx and cast your spells against the monsters to destroy...

played 12.186 times
Play Avalanche Bullet Time
Avalanche Bullet Time game free online

Avalanche Bullet Time Game

Avoid all the falling icicles as they come near you. Get hit and die a bloody death.

played 3.427 times
Play Avalon Tycoon Mansion
Avalon Tycoon Mansion game free online

Avalon Tycoon Mansion Game

Buy and sell houses making enough cash to get the mansion

played 7.166 times
Play Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Aang On
Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Aang On game free online

Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Aang On Game HOT

Help Aang in his bending practice! Keep your balance, and move and press that mouse in the directions of the arrows.

played 45.459 times
Play Avoid
Avoid game free online

Avoid Game

Avoid the charged letters!!! When the letters go red you better not be touching them with your cool robot! There are green batteries that you will need to charge your robot.

played 2.993 times
Play Avoid the Blocks
Avoid the Blocks game free online

Avoid the Blocks Game

A long path of coloured blocks, how high can you climb? A game where you dodge or shoot blocks and try to last as long as possible. This is a game where you must either dodge or shoo...

played 5.871 times
Play Avoid The Laser
Avoid The Laser game free online

Avoid The Laser Game

Avoid the laser by hitting green bar. Collect yellow dots to raise score. After every 500 points speed grows.

played 5.145 times
Play Avoid the Laser 2
Avoid the Laser 2 game free online

Avoid the Laser 2 Game

Based on version 1, added sounds, background, better look, invincible, big 500 points dot, speed, laser slower, and now the laser is getting faster all the time, doesnt matter about...

played 2.843 times
Play Avoid The Orcs
Avoid The Orcs game free online

Avoid The Orcs Game

Don't let the Orcs get near you!

played 3.103 times
Play Avoider
Avoider game free online

Avoider Game

Pick up the 8 balls and avoid the circles. Stay alive as long as you can.

played 4.425 times
Play B.L.A.C.K.
B.L.A.C.K. game free online

B.L.A.C.K. Game HOT

Kill all enemy to finish the levels! Shoot all enemies with various guns and slow motion.

played 6.070 times
Play Baby Blimp
Baby Blimp game free online

Baby Blimp Game HOT

Storks make every parent's dream come true. Working day and night, will their package be pink or blue? With mportant deliveries to get to each home. It's up to you to make sure they...

played 31.301 times