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Political Games

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Play Jeu Vote
Jeu Vote game free online

Jeu Vote Game

"Politic" game in which the voters now become the invader and your vote is the only defense. A game played like space invaders

played 4.382 times
Play John Kerry Hedge Fun
John Kerry Hedge Fun game free online

John Kerry Hedge Fun Game

The American voter is a fickle beast. And, try as he may, no politician can completely ignore his constituency. This means catering to the public's trifling demands for an "opinion,"...

played 5.706 times
Play Kung Fu Statesmen
Kung Fu Statesmen game free online

Kung Fu Statesmen Game

Kung Fu Labor are on a mission. Coming up to the election they need to bury the issues and find pages from their '97 manifesto to avoid any akwardquestions when the new one comes out...

played 8.510 times
Play Obama - McCain Debate Simulator
Obama - McCain Debate Simulator game free online

Obama - McCain Debate Simulator Game

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be Barack Obama or John McCain and argue over the fine intricacies of our national government, lie about important issues, and make up excuses...

played 9.838 times
Play Obama Chess
Obama Chess game free online

Obama Chess Game HOT

Like chess? Love Obama? With Barack's investiture as the new president of USA. Meet the prominent political figures from US Administration and Congress and have.

played 62.725 times
Play Obama Race For the White House
Obama Race For the White House game free online

Obama Race For the White House Game HOT

Obama and Hilary are neck in neck in their quest to be the next President of the United States of America. Help your candidate travel the country in an exhaustive campaign from coast...

played 14.135 times
Play Osama Sissy Fight
Osama Sissy Fight game free online

Osama Sissy Fight Game HOT

Beat the hell out of Bin laden in the ring! Click on whatever you want to do to Osama. Jab, Power, Right Hook, Upper Cut, low Blow and Death.

played 13.877 times
Play Palinisms Ask Sarah Anything
Palinisms Ask Sarah Anything game free online

Palinisms Ask Sarah Anything Game HOT

Ask Sarah Palin a question and see her response. After several public speaking gaffes, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has decided to have her own "unscripted" Town Hall meet...

played 4.535 times
Play Presidential Street Fight 2008
Presidential Street Fight 2008 game free online

Presidential Street Fight 2008 Game HOT

Obama and McCain are at war to go to the White House, who will be the winning presidential elect. Help Obama and McCain fight it out in the last few weeks to see who will be declared...

played 3.148 times
Play Proper Propel
Proper Propel game free online

Proper Propel Game HOT

Throw the shoe exactly in to Bush's face.

played 2.647 times
Play Shoe Dodge Bush
Shoe Dodge Bush game free online

Shoe Dodge Bush Game

Your Nation calls you! Be the one to take a stand and choose your shoe wisely. Play the game and be the best!

played 4.026 times
Play Sort My Tiles Obama and Spiderman
Sort My Tiles Obama and Spiderman game free online

Sort My Tiles Obama and Spiderman Game

Solve this puzzle of President Obama together with our super hero amazing spiderman.

played 13.505 times
Play Street Fighter - Downing  - The New Leader
Street Fighter - Downing  - The New Leader game free online

Street Fighter - Downing - The New... Game

Go through the chain of politics and gain power by defeating politicians in street brawls. Entering an established national tournament, known as "The General Election", you must comp...

played 7.974 times