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Political Games

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Play Beat The Bushizms
Beat The Bushizms game free online

Beat The Bushizms Game

Protect the former president. As a member of the elite BPA Bushizm Protection Agency, you have to punch any disruptors attempting to hijack his brilliant speeches.

played 2.980 times
Play Bush Wars Last Episode Attack of The Shoes
Bush Wars Last Episode Attack of The Shoes game free online

Bush Wars Last Episode Attack of Th... Game

Your goal is play as Bush and avoid flying shoes. see how long you can survive.

played 2.424 times
Play Barack Obama Dressup
Barack Obama Dressup game free online

Barack Obama Dressup Game

The president has no idea what to wear to the official party tonight, can you help him?

played 10.856 times
Play Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden
Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden game free online

Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden Game

Osama Bin Laden has been captured. Are you a bad enough dude to kick his ass? Fight against bin Laden in a deadly fight the winner could run the loser, then beat him and take a fatal...

played 9.377 times
Play Street Fighter - Downing  - The New Leader
Street Fighter - Downing  - The New Leader game free online

Street Fighter - Downing - The New... Game

Go through the chain of politics and gain power by defeating politicians in street brawls. Entering an established national tournament, known as "The General Election", you must comp...

played 8.089 times
Play Blago Red Tape Breakout
Blago Red Tape Breakout game free online

Blago Red Tape Breakout Game

Help Attorney General Lisa Madigan bust through the political red tape and serve Illinois Govenor Blagojevich with impeachment papers.

played 6.050 times
Play Obama - McCain Debate Simulator
Obama - McCain Debate Simulator game free online

Obama - McCain Debate Simulator Game

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be Barack Obama or John McCain and argue over the fine intricacies of our national government, lie about important issues, and make up excuses...

played 9.930 times
Play Kung Fu Statesmen
Kung Fu Statesmen game free online

Kung Fu Statesmen Game

Kung Fu Labor are on a mission. Coming up to the election they need to bury the issues and find pages from their '97 manifesto to avoid any akwardquestions when the new one comes out...

played 8.635 times
Play John Kerry Hedge Fun
John Kerry Hedge Fun game free online

John Kerry Hedge Fun Game

The American voter is a fickle beast. And, try as he may, no politician can completely ignore his constituency. This means catering to the public's trifling demands for an "opinion,"...

played 5.799 times
Play Bush Vs. Reporter
Bush Vs. Reporter game free online

Bush Vs. Reporter Game

A funny bush games,you could choose bush to help him advoiding shoes attacks,or choosing the reporter, attack bush by shoes

played 2.995 times
Play Election Keepy Up
Election Keepy Up game free online

Election Keepy Up Game

You choose who will be the next president Obama or McCain. Collect bags of cash, houses, cows with your mouse and aboid bombs and broken glass.

played 2.920 times
Play Dancing Hilary
Dancing Hilary game free online

Dancing Hilary Game

Watch out White House. Dance the night away with Hillary in disco style. Choose the mood, backgrounds and interior. And show off cool dance moves.

played 5.400 times
Play Jeu Vote
Jeu Vote game free online

Jeu Vote Game

"Politic" game in which the voters now become the invader and your vote is the only defense. A game played like space invaders

played 4.464 times