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Ball Click Mayfest game

Play Ball Click Mayfest free online now. It's clicking mayhem time. Give your eyes and fingers a stress test with this challenging click game. You can choose th... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 2.097 times
Ball Click Mayfest game info

Click here to play Ball Click Mayfest a Flash game.

Ball Click Mayfest Game
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Ball Click Mayfest Online Game

Ball Click Mayfest Game Description

It's clicking mayhem time. Give your eyes and fingers a stress test with this challenging click game. You can choose the level Mayhem or Clicking mayhem version.

Ball Click Mayfest Game Instructions

Use your mouse to click.

In Level Mayhem you need to click the required amount of balls to reach the certain objective for the level. There are 5 worlds, and 5 levels within each world, making 25 levels overall. You will start with 5 lives, and will lose one every time you cannot complete an objective, in the beginning of each world 1 or 2 new balls will be introduced, with a description of what it does, you will start the first world with only one ball.

In Clicking Mayhem you want to click every ball visible on the screen, once you clear the screen of all of the balls, you will be automatically moved on to the next level, in the beginning, you start with one "bomb." Click the bomb (which will be in the top left corner] and it will clear all of the buttons on the screen. Go ahead, try it!

Play the Ball Click Mayfest Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Ball Click Mayfest Game Screenshot

Ball Click Mayfest Game
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Game name: Ball Click Mayfest
Played: 2.097 times
Category: Other games » Skill games
Author: Inversecoma

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