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Doozy Rescue game

Play Doozy Rescue free online now. There's nothing more rejuvenating for a Doozy than a refreshing swim at the end of a hot and weary day! And while Doozy... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.628 times
Doozy Rescue game info

Click here to play Doozy Rescue a Flash game.

Doozy Rescue Game
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Doozy Rescue Online Game

Doozy Rescue Game Description

There's nothing more rejuvenating for a Doozy than a refreshing swim at the end of a hot and weary day! And while Doozy Land is blessed with a beautiful river; yet there's a BIG problem. The river has a rocky bed below, and if a Doozy is not careful enough, he might be in for a blow!

But don't let the rocks dampen their spirit. Help Doozies stay afloat by throwing a Floater along their way. But careful! You must time your throw precisely to ensure the floater reaches every Doozy on time!

Doozies wants to enjoy swimming but they are in danger from the rocks under the water.Rescue happies by giving them Floaters.

Are you ready for a Doozy Rescue?

Doozy Rescue Game Instructions

Control the Floater device using right and left arrow keys.
To shoot the floater on left side Press Left button.
To shoot the floater on right side Press Right button.
Shoot the floater in time to catch Doozy.

You have to rescue Doozies when they will jump down. You have to rescue 250 Doozies and you will be provided with 300 Floaters.

Play the Doozy Rescue Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Doozy Rescue Game Screenshot

Doozy Rescue Game
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Game name: Doozy Rescue
Played: 4.628 times
Category: Other games » Skill games
Author: Ibexis

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