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Drager Safety Firefighter game

Play Drager Safety Firefighter free online now. Stop the fire and save the houses before it' s too late. In this firefighter game you must go around the burning buildin... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 10.930 times
Drager Safety Firefighter game info

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Drager Safety Firefighter Game
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Drager Safety Firefighter Online Game

Drager Safety Firefighter Game Description

Stop the fire and save the houses before it' s too late. In this firefighter game you must go around the burning building putting out all the fires, put out all fires to move to the next burning building. FIREFIGHTER from Drager Safety. You ate at the front line of a major incident, the fire is beginning to sweep through the building. Use your skill and judgement to extinguish the fire within the allocated 3 minute time period. The more of the building you manage to save the higher your score.

Drager Safety Firefighter Game Instructions

Click of the burning window until fire disappear.

The controls:
Your FIREFIGHTER is controlled using the mouse. Move the mouse in any direction and the FIREFIGHTER will follow. Pressing the mouse button turns on the water.

The display
The lower portion of the screen displays the following information:

1. Seat of fire surveillance / monitoring
This tool gives you a view of the entire fireground allowing you to be aware of fire taking hold outside of your field of vision.

2. Level / Time remaining
At the right side you can see which of the 20 levels you are currently on. The time shows you the time you have left to complete the level.

3. Score
The bottom right displays your current Score.

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Drager Safety Firefighter Game Screenshot

Drager Safety Firefighter Game
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Game name: Drager Safety Firefighter
Played: 10.930 times
Category: Other games » Skill games
Author: Drager Safety

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