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Goblanesh game

Play Goblanesh free online now. Welcome to the official Goblanesh simulator of Gobla Space Academy. May the calculus be with you. Build a structure to m... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.776 times
Goblanesh game info

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Goblanesh Game
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Goblanesh Online Game

Goblanesh Game Description

Welcome to the official Goblanesh simulator of Gobla Space Academy. May the calculus be with you. Build a structure to move the ball. The operation of our simulator is straightforward to anyone with a basic knowledge of the Goblanesh procedure. If you are not a Gobla or need a quick refresher read on:
Since millions of years our people (the proud people of Gobla obviously) are dominating the field of space travel technologies. We focused our collective brainpower (that is two Brains per Gobla, we rock!) on bringing the spacejump from jumpoint to another to perfection. Despite all brilliancy (we still rock!) we have overseen one little part of a spaceship travel process. Before jumping at unbelievable speed we have to move our ships to the starting jumppoint, at low speed. No we don't rock here, we kinda suck - big time. But we are still the Gobla, and Gobla always find perfect, at least appropriate solutions. We use the gravitational force of the next massive object and place obstacles which will bounce us to the jumppoint. And we rock again. Once there was a visitor from far away, trying to point out that we could use steering thrusters to manoveur directly to the starting.

Goblanesh Game Instructions

1) Drag and drop the elements from the menu onto the stage and construct the longest possible route from Start to Goal.

2) When your route is complete, click 'Go for it' to record the time and complete the level.

How to use the Goblanesh simulator
In each exam you can see a pretty realistic impression of the surrounding space to the left. On the right you can see the available bounce objects as well as some Gobla engineered gravity fields. The number of objects is limited by the restrictions of the choosen exam. Simply drag and drop the items on the map and remove them by dragging them out of the map.

Your goal is to build a reliable route from the starting point to the target (which is our first jumppoint for the 'real* travel, see above). When you are ready to proof your route, click the corresponding button on the lower right side. You can find buttons for reseting and leaving (shame on you) there as well.

Since Gobla always aim for perfection, it is not important that you reach the target quickly. In fact, we prefer sightseeing trips before our hyper jump technology kicks in. Therefore long lasting trips are rewarded with a higher score. Some exams offer bonus fields which extend the duration of your route. They only work if you pass them consecutively. For further information please consult your assigned Gobla Space Academy Instructor.

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Goblanesh Game Screenshot

Goblanesh Game
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Game name: Goblanesh
Played: 4.776 times
Category: Other games » Skill games
Author: Funciton

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