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Stick Figure Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Cowboys And Chinamen
Cowboys And Chinamen game free online

Cowboys And Chinamen Game HOT

A bunch of mini games all placed into one storyline. You are a gun for hire. Working alone you have traveled the old west hunting down Bank Robbers, Bandits and Banditos. You are now...

played 9.154 times
Play Defenseless Stick
Defenseless Stick game free online

Defenseless Stick Game

Stay alive for as long as you can, Every 10 seconds something new will be out to kill you. You never get a break! Will you be able to live in this crazy world Collect as many green o...

played 3.731 times
Play Demonic Defence 4
Demonic Defence 4 game free online

Demonic Defence 4 Game HOT

Build your castle, upgrade defense, use spells and other attacks to destroy enemy tanks and planes. This 4th version of Demonic Defense series have a new features more options and mo...

played 6.885 times
Play Drunkn Puke
Drunkn Puke game free online

Drunkn Puke Game

He lost his job, his girlfriend dumped him, and his dog fluffy was killed by the little neighbourhood brats! Things can't get any worse!! So help this poor dude drink his pain away i...

played 4.211 times
Play Electricman 2HS
Electricman 2HS game free online

Electricman 2HS Game HOT

Welcome to the Tournament of Voltagen, where combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stickman universe. The current cha...

played 4.003 times
Play Escape from Rhetundo Island
Escape from Rhetundo Island game free online

Escape from Rhetundo Island Game HOT

Help Johnny Tag escape from the island. From the makers of Hapland...try to escape this island.

played 6.235 times
Play Escaping the Prison
Escaping the Prison game free online

Escaping the Prison Game HOT

A great escape game. You just got thrown in prison and now you have to escape! Try different methods to escape the prison.

played 16.507 times
Play Fancy Pants Adventure World 1
Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 game free online

Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Game HOT

Take Fancy Pants trough a great adventure in this online adventure game. A very cool action game with fun running up wall gameplay. Jump, and run your way through each level. Move th...

played 6.159 times
Play Fancy Pants Adventure World 2
Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 game free online

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 Game HOT

At last, Fancy Pants returns with a fresh adventure! Select your fanciest pants and get ready for World 2!

played 5.944 times
Play FPA World 2
FPA World 2 game free online

FPA World 2 Game HOT

The second World of the Fancy Pants Adventure. A really fun golf game with spectacular movement.

played 4.627 times
Play Frantic Killer
Frantic Killer game free online

Frantic Killer Game HOT

Like time crisis but free and in your pc. Shoot all the 3D stick people. Shoot in the Head. Shoot the grenade. Get +hp bonus. Don't waste your bullets.

played 4.452 times
Play Hang Man Extreme
Hang Man Extreme game free online

Hang Man Extreme Game HOT

Solve the letters of the puzzle before the stickman gets blown up by a bomb, electrocuted and other nasty things. Answer correctly or the stick man will die. Don't worry he won't be...

played 8.822 times
Play Hap Land 2
Hap Land 2 game free online

Hap Land 2 Game

This version of Hapland is even more challenging and makes you think a lot and of course click a lot. The aim of this interactive game is to find a way to light up the torches using...

played 9.526 times