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Stick Figure Games

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Play Mo Fro
Mo Fro game free online

Mo Fro Game

Help MoFro save the Phatmen from the evil clutches of Dr AntiKoan. and the minions that live in his haunted castle. MoFro, however incredible, refused to wear cargo pants, and instea...

played 4.283 times
Play Never End
Never End game free online

Never End Game HOT

Try to find your way out of this maddening maze! Rotate the room around in order to get to the exit! Move left and right with the cursor keys.

played 9.762 times
Play Ninja Pirate Cave Raid
Ninja Pirate Cave Raid game free online

Ninja Pirate Cave Raid Game

Ninjas just love raiding pirate caves... as you will see in this jump and run action game. You are a ninja seeking gold coins. Beat up all that stand between you and your gold coins.

played 4.594 times
Play One Man's Doomsday 1
One Man's Doomsday 1 game free online

One Man's Doomsday 1 Game

This stick's goal is to defeat all his enemies with his martial arts skills and shooting skills but he was more powerful if he rides his tank. Go wreck havoc with this mad stick. Sid...

played 3.945 times
Play Parachute Retrospect
Parachute Retrospect game free online

Parachute Retrospect Game HOT

Drop stickmen out of the helicopter onto moving trucks to save their lives.

played 12.257 times
Play Pwnage RPG
Pwnage RPG game free online

Pwnage RPG Game HOT

Make battle choices to keep your police squad alive, while defeating the bank robbers. OK guys, get in there and stop this gang before they get all the cash.

played 4.368 times
Play Rag Doll Lincoln
Rag Doll Lincoln game free online

Rag Doll Lincoln Game

Abraham Lincoln has fallen asleep and is hallucinating. Collect dead fish to gain points. Dodge obstacles and maintain your health. There are 8 stages Get through them all and you wi...

played 4.588 times
Play Ragdoll Cannon 1.5
Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 game free online

Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 Game

For all fans of the pupa skill shooting game Ragdoll Cannon here a bunch of new levels. Again, at least one of your rag dudes has to touch the exit. Shoot the ragdoll guy from the ca...

played 3.520 times
Play Ragdoll Master
Ragdoll Master game free online

Ragdoll Master Game

Evade this piercing rockets as long as you ca to survive. Dodge the incoming missles, the longer you play the more missles start to come and from different sides. Very nice stickman...

played 3.830 times
Play Rage - Kung Fu
Rage - Kung Fu game free online

Rage - Kung Fu Game HOT

This is endless killing action! The first part to the amazing Rage series will blow your minds with great action from a stickman. You get coins for kills and you get to spend the coi...

played 8.083 times
Play Rage 2 Fighting
Rage 2 Fighting game free online

Rage 2 Fighting Game HOT

Awesome stick game where you can beat some asses! Second of the wildly popular rage series, but this time you're out numered by all of the surrounding enemy and you must fight your w...

played 4.676 times
Play Revenge Of The Stickmen
Revenge Of The Stickmen game free online

Revenge Of The Stickmen Game HOT

Stop the Sickman rebellion of stickmen before it takes hold across the world. For eons stickmen have been enslaved in computers; forced to do terrible things... very terrible things...

played 7.134 times
Play Reverb Part 2
Reverb Part 2 game free online

Reverb Part 2 Game HOT

Hey, you in there. Mr. Rhodes says that we're having some problems with our recording equipment, so we're waiting for a bit. Shoot all that oppose you while finding out whats going o...

played 4.618 times