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Stick Figure Games

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Play Stretchy Man
Stretchy Man game free online

Stretchy Man Game

Fight the incoming enemies with stretchy arms and legs and even a few weapons. Stretch your arms and legs as you beat the crap out of your enemies until they explode.

played 7.430 times
Play Super Crazy Guitar 2 Maniac Deluxe
Super Crazy Guitar 2 Maniac Deluxe game free online

Super Crazy Guitar 2 Maniac Deluxe Game HOT

A guitar rhythm game to test your skill and timing, with some great music by NG artist. The sequel is finally here with 16 great songs, 6 guitars and of course the crazy stick man! L...

played 18.949 times
Play Tactical Assassin 3 Substratum
Tactical Assassin 3 Substratum game free online

Tactical Assassin 3 Substratum Game HOT

More missions to test your Tactical Assassination skills! Welcome, Assassin. Firstly, your resume of killings has intruiged many clients into using your talent. From a financial poi...

played 4.384 times
Play Terror Camp
Terror Camp game free online

Terror Camp Game HOT

Across the world terrorist outfits are becoming a seriour problem. Every country in the world today is deploying special forces to eliminate and nutralise terrorist threats. The defe...

played 4.378 times
Play The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 Demo
The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 Demo game free online

The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 Demo Game

This is the demo version for the sequel of the successful Fancy Pants series. But still this is lots of fun to play and we all can't wait for the full version. Don't forget to fire u...

played 4.813 times
Play The Gunman Sniper
The Gunman Sniper game free online

The Gunman Sniper Game

Shoot down the stick men with your sniper rifle as they pop out of their crates. The objective of this game is to get as many kills as possible. There are three levels to complete....

played 5.449 times
Play The Paratrooper
The Paratrooper game free online

The Paratrooper Game

Help the paratrooper to reach his target avoiding the birds.

played 8.583 times
Play The Playing Field 2
The Playing Field 2 game free online

The Playing Field 2 Game HOT

Play God and kill al the humands and things that you see! Unlock new powers by killing even more of them. We've finally done it - found a way to hack into the myriad of parallel univ...

played 3.775 times
Play The Poop Adventure
The Poop Adventure game free online

The Poop Adventure Game

Escape the stick by clicking where to move the stick. A fun puzzle adventure game.

played 11.531 times
Play The Torture Chamber III
The Torture Chamber III game free online

The Torture Chamber III Game

The Object of the Torture Chamber is to cause as much pain as possible to your victim before he dies. Doing so awards pain points, and unlocks new forms of punishment. The object...

played 7.673 times
Play The Ultimate Stickman fighting Game Experience
The Ultimate Stickman fighting Game Experience game free online

The Ultimate Stickman fighting Game... Game HOT

The ultimate stickman fighting game experience is made by the collective powers oF Bjorn Hakansson and Anders Gustafsson. we hope you will enjoy it, and keep a lookout For the Final...

played 8.488 times
Play The Way Of The Exploding Stick
The Way Of The Exploding Stick game free online

The Way Of The Exploding Stick Game HOT

Fight other stickmen in the constant battle. Run around as a stick man through houses and levels killing other sticks using punches kicks and jumps. This is a good one with many cont...

played 7.618 times
Play Tir A L'arc
Tir A L'arc game free online

Tir A L'arc Game

Shoot falling targets and approaching castle attackers. Change your angle of the shot move your stickman around dodge arrows and fire at enemies.

played 5.841 times