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Monsters' Den game

Play Monsters' Den free online now. The party of adventurers make their way to the ancient ruin, equipped only with what meagre provisions the (beats could... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 7.254 times
Monsters' Den game info

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Monsters' Den Online Game

Monsters' Den Game Description

The party of adventurers make their way to the ancient ruin, equipped only with what meagre provisions the (beats could spare. The words of the village headman had filled them with a quiet dread, yet steeled their resolve. If the world is to be saved, they must assault the dungeon and destroy the corruption Curing in its depths. They must enter the monsters' den. Create a party of up to four heroes, from five distinct character classes. Then battle to the depths of the dungeon, increasing in strength and finding powerful treasure. Keep your men alive! Move from room to room finding monsters and fighting it out in turn based attacks.

Monsters' Den Game Instructions

Click on rooms to move. The game is controlled entirely with the mouse, although there are some keyboard shortcuts (check the 'help' screens).

Warriors can wear the heaviest armor and excel at combat with melee weapons. They are drnait to kil and good at protecting more vulnerable members of the party.

aeries are holy warriors who call upon divine powers to heal and support their allies or smite their enemies. They wear heavy armor but their weapon selection is limited.

Mages use their arcane knowledge to destroy foes from afar and augment their allies. They can inflict a lot of damage, but may wear only the lightest armor.

Rangers are masters of ranged weapons and the lore of the wild. They prefer to fight from afar, where they can heal and support their allies. They may wear medium armor.

The Dungeon Map
From here, you move your party from room to room, encountering monsters and finding treasure while searching for the entrance to the next level of the dungeon. The brightest room shows the current position of your party, while slightly dimmer rooms are those you can move to from your current position. Simply click on a room to move there.
If you cant figure out where to explore next, try clicking the 'Map Hint' button.

Status and Inventory
On this screen you can review and upgrade your characters' skills and statistics, as well as manage their equipment.
Equip items you find by double-clicking their icon, or dragging to the paperdoll or character portrait. Discard items by dragging them onto the red 'X' or dick on them while holding the 'control' key.

Lurking Monsters
There are enemies nearby, as indicated by the crossed swords icon. Move the mouse over the icon to see their type and number. Entering that room will trigger a battle. You do not need to kill every monster in the dungeon, but doing so earns rewards. Defeated monsters will always drop treasure items. Beware of 'Leader1 monsters, indicated by golden swords. They are significantly stronger than regular monsters, but defeating them yields a powerful item.

Battle Start!
You have encountered a group of enemies, and must now face them in battle. First, set your party's formation by dragging their character portraits. Melee fighters should be in the front row, and more vulnerable ranged fighters or spellcasters in the bade row. The front row protects the back row from enemy melee attacks.

Player Turn
It is your character's turn. A turn involves selecting a skill and then a target for the skill. Player characters start with three skills, but may later use up to six. If you do not (or cannot) use a skill this turn, you may also Pass or Retreat Pass means the character takes no action, but recovers power more quickly. Retreat causes the character to leave the battle, and can prevent the total defeat of the party.

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Monsters' Den Game
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Game name: Monsters' Den
Played: 7.254 times
Category: Other games » Turn based games
Author: Biclops Games

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