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Ragnapets 3 game

Play Ragnapets 3 free online now. Create a pet and then take care of it and progress in the game doing all sorts of pet things. To finish the game you mus... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 10.649 times
Ragnapets 3 game info

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Ragnapets 3 Online Game

Ragnapets 3 Game Description

Create a pet and then take care of it and progress in the game doing all sorts of pet things. To finish the game you must defeat the MAYA Monster. There's two ways how to get a monster, first in the SHRINE, second in the LAB... in the LAB you need item to revive a monster. The RANCH is where you raise your monster, remeber the monster life span depends on how you train., each monster have their nature. You should also know Thier likes and dislike,
so raise it carefully.

Ragnapets 3 Game Instructions

This where player and monster raises thier rank, the higher player level more monster will unlock in the shrine.

This is where your monster go to places to train, this will give your monster a lot of skill and HP but also give alot of fatigue cost 4 weeks and 10$..

Each monster have different characteristic, and different lifespan., they have nature... You must know thier likes and dislikes..

This is very imporTant. This is where your monsTer get out from faTigue.

This is where you get a monster, just choose a stone then continue, some monster need higher player level.

This is very important, there are 4 kinds of training, the strength, dexterity. Speed and vitality all this is important..skill point is where you gain a technique the only train that you can gain skill point is dexterity..

this is the town, this is where you can get monster, see your status and save the game.

you need to train to obtain a skill, there
5 skill in each monster..
each one have different characteristic.

loyalty is also important to your monster, increasing you monster loyalty will see your monster likes and dislikes, it also. Increase your monster lifespan, monster have their nature BAD monster is difficult to gain loyalty, and GOOb is easy to gain loyalty.

increasing player level will allow you to unlock higher rank monsters, the maximum monster rank is S.

You can revie a monster in the lab, but you Q will need an item to specific a monster. Combine is not implemented yet. ( ragnapets 3 only )

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Ragnapets 3 Game
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Game name: Ragnapets 3
Played: 10.649 times
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