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Strategy Defense 1 game

Play Strategy Defense 1 free online now. An awesome RPG and strategy game! Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire. Dogfire Kingdom expanded... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 9.627 times
Strategy Defense 1 game info

Click here to play Strategy Defense 1 a Flash game.

Strategy Defense 1 Game

Strategy Defense 1 Online Game

Strategy Defense 1 Game Description

An awesome RPG and strategy game! Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire. Dogfire Kingdom expanded their territory and destroyed all of the villages of the Doven Kingdom. Most of the Doven Kingdom Army was killed and the King of Doven, named Fayla, ran into the Dark Forest, powerless and without soldiers or guards to protect him. His wife, children and the Doven General were imprisoned at the Icegreen Island. But Fayla was not hopeless. There was one last warrior, from the Doven Kingdom who had intelligence, strength and many talents. King Fayla ordered gamer to find and rescue his family and destroy all the enemies of the Land of Doven.

Strategy Defense 1 Game Instructions

You are green, the enemies are the red dolls.

Move Move the character to another area.
Attack Attack character's enemy with any weapon.
Wait Stand by and go to the next turn.
Items Use character's item to help you at the battle.
Magic Use character's magic to attack enemy.
Change Change character into a new rank and new abilities.

You can hide the Action Box by click on your character. After hiding the box, click on your character again to make the action box reappear.

First rank in this game. Weapons: Arrow, Speedy Arrow, Fire Arrow.
Uses the arrow to attack. This rank will help you with long distance attacks,
but the character move is still standard.
Average Damage : 5, Move step : 3, Average range attack : 4

Second rank in game. Weapon: Sword.
Uses the short damage sword and longest move step. This rank will help you to escape
and run to the safe areas, but you can not attack at long distances.
Damage : 6, Move step : 8, Range attack : 1

Third rank in game. Weapon: Gun.
Uses the gun weapon. This rank is more powerful than DRAGON ARCHER. Useful for
very long distance attack, but the character move is still standard.
Damage : 10, Move step : 3, Range attack : 6

Player information:

Health Shows character's health. You will die if health equals zero.
Arnmo Shows character's ammunition. If Ammo is zero you can not attack (except with the knight).
Magic Shows character's magic power. Magic power will decrease when using magic.
Armor Character's armor points. Influences the character's defenses.
Power Character's power points. Influences the character's ability to attack.
Speed Character's speed points. Influence the character's ability to move.
Strength Character's strength points. Influences the character's defenses.
Attack Character's range of attack points.
Agility Character's agility points. Influences the character's ability to attack.
Luck Character's luck points. Characters are assigned random good luck.
Effectivity Point of character's effectivity, get by the game turn. Low turn, high effectivity.
Kill Instinct Character's kill instinct points. Gained by the number of kills. More kills, more kill instinct.
Rank Character's rank. Also shows the different characters and their abilities.
Level Character's level. Higher level, more ability.
Exp Shows current experience and experience needed to reach to the next level.
Turn Shows the game turn.
Money Shows the character's money.

Player Rank:

Fourth rank in game. Weapons: Canon, Gun, Missile, Bomb.
Uses the various weapons made for this rank is more powerful than previous rank.
Canon is the standard attack weapon. Gun can be used in counter attack. The missile
can be used for long distance attacks and the bomb for short range attacks.
Highest damage, but the move step is the lowest.
Average Damage : 150, Move step : 2, Average range attack : 7

Last rank in this game. Weapons: Canon, Gun, Missile, Bomb.
Same as the POWER TANK, except the destroyer move step is greater. This rank is
the most powerful rank in this game, but this rank is only used at the sea battlefield.
Average Damage : 150, Move step : 6, Average range attack : 7

To gain the most money, you should complete the mission as quickly as possible. If you complete the mission within a low number of turns, you will get more money. In missions where "kill all enemies" is not the objective, you may be able to reach the objective more quickly by not killing all of the enemies. Money gained is also influenced by HEALTH POINTS. More health points mean more money gained, so use the health items often to replenish your health.

To reach higher levels, you should kill all enemies. Your level will go up if experience more than max experience, and you get the experience by hitting and killing enemies.

The buying and selling prices are the same, so don't be concerned about making mistakes when you buy. Buy any items, weapons, magic, as you like. In each new mission, you should sell unneeded items and buy other useful items to prepare for the next battle.

Watch out for enemies with large damage capabilities. You should make it a priority to kill them. Also check their attach range (attack point) to avoid any attacks from them.

Attack your enemy when they have weak health when possible. It is useful to attack them when they can not revenge attack you because they are dead.

Play the Strategy Defense 1 Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Strategy Defense 1 Game Screenshot

Strategy Defense 1 Game
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Game name: Strategy Defense 1
Played: 9.627 times
Category: Other games » Turn based games
Author: BG Games

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