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Vindex Gladiator game

Play Vindex Gladiator free online now. Fight enemies in RPG turn style attacks as you manage your health and who you attack. Once upon a time there were time w... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Vindex Gladiator game info

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Vindex Gladiator Online Game

Vindex Gladiator Game Description

Fight enemies in RPG turn style attacks as you manage your health and who you attack. Once upon a time there were time when The Roman Empire was built their defence againts threat coming from other nations. Rome Empire was in a chaotic situation since the massive pressure from it surroundings. Many battle occured in the borders of Rome, giving heavy impact to many villages that lies near them.

Meanwhile there was a blacksmith in the small village just near the west border of Rome. The blacksmith that being a legend for his skills to forge a powerfull weapon. He forged Ultimate weapon, the legendary sword that used by the great warrior in Rome ever at that time , Vicius. Some said the weapon is stolen and never be found.

One day a legion of foreign army attacked the village in the middle of the night. The village were set to a big fire. Many villagers tried to fight the attacker, so did the blacksmith. But they were outnumbered. The blacksmith went back to his home and hid his only son in the forest. And after leaved the little child, he never been seen anymore. Not even his body. He totally disappeared. The blacksmith is not the only one that dissapeared, some else strong villager too. Kidnapped to be a slave the rumour said.

As the time passed by, that young child grows as a brave young man. He back to his village, built his home and land again. All through his life he only has one single goal, be a strong warrior to be able to find and rescue his father. And this is the story of the journey of that young man through his path to become the future warrior legend in Rome. His name is Vindex.

Vindex Gladiator Game Instructions

Use mouse to play the game.

How do I Play ?
You can start to play by clicking the Start Game or Load Game button in the game menu.

When you click Start Game button, you wil be lead to the game's story from its very beginning. If you click Load Game instead of Start Game, you will begin from the last progress that you have saved, including the equipment, level status, points & game story level data.

The story will continues automatically every time you win a battle in the story mode. Each story is connected and built based on area that you visit. To unlock and visit the next areas, you have to finish the story in the area you are in now by winning all the battles in that recent area.

How the battle works ?
Just like any other RPG Game, the battle in this game is a turn based mode. So you have to wait until it's your turn to make a move. Each character have their own commands, even tough there are commands that every character share altogether, like Items and Alchemy.

The Fight and Numina command is based on the character level and skill that he/she leamt. More level you have, more skill that you learned and of course more commands you will have. Learn each skills and use them wise to wins.

To select certain command in the battle menu, just click WHAT command you want and click the TARGET you want that commands to be applied to.

What is The Map for ?
The story of this game is based on a place/area. Each places are closely related and have their own story and characters. In eariy stage of the game you will find some areas that are locked.

The only way to unlock the next area is by winning all the battles in recent area (info: recent area you are in now is marked by the red flag in Map) and continue the story in the next area.

How can I save ?
Well in this game, saving is very crucial. You really don't want any progress that you made to be lost just because you forget to save, do you?

You can save anytime, the save button is located in the main menu altogether with Info Status, World Map and Exit button. You better save your game every time you finish a battle or you buy something in the item shop.

If your character die in the battle then you click Load Game, you will automatically load the game with previous saved status data you had before you enter the battle, the status including your level, score points, experience points. & equipments.

What is training ?
Level and experience are somewhat very important in this game. Some battles needed some level to win it. To increase your level by gaining more experiences points, you have to do more battles.

You are able to revisit areas you passed trough in the Story. There you can use Training to fight any enemies that lie in that area. Each enemies only lies in certain area, the higher the enemy level in the story, the more experience points that you gain by defeat them.

Can I buy items ?
Yes, you can. But unfortunately the Item Shop only lies in The City. So before you unlock and able to visit The City, you will not be able to shop any items. So you really have to use your items very careful every time you are in a battle scene.

What is Numina ?
Numina is special skills that make your character able to summon some powerful God/Goddess Patrons. Numina are very powerful and consume a lot of MP Points. Each Patron has they own capability, some have very destructive effect and some have healing power. So you really have to know when and where you want use them. Strategy is the key.

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Vindex Gladiator Screenshot

Vindex Gladiator Game
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Game name: Vindex Gladiator
Played: 8.024 times
Category: Other games » Turn based games
Author: Arcade Bomb

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