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Burger Tycoon game

Play Burger Tycoon free online now. A terrific and elaborate Tycoon game! From farm to feedlot, from franchise to corporate headquarters - rule your Burger... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 30.456 times
Burger Tycoon game info

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Burger Tycoon Online Game

Burger Tycoon Game Description

A terrific and elaborate Tycoon game! From farm to feedlot, from franchise to corporate headquarters - rule your Burger Empire with an iron fist! Do you has multinational skills?

Burger Tycoon Game Instructions

Use your mouse to play this tycoon game.

Making money in a hiu corporation is not simple at all. Behind eveiy hamhni i|er there is a complex process you must learn to manage...

As do all modern corporations. Burger Tycoon manages production in different parts of the world. You have to supervise all the four sectors. You can switch between the sectors using the panel on the lower left. Remember: even if a sector is not show, the events in it continue to run.

Agricultural sector: If we had to rear all the cattle we need in our part of the world, our cities would drown in an ocean of cow shit. Pastures and soy culture need a lot of land and South America is one of the best places for it. Obviously you have to conquer your land as our forefathers did. Remember the old saying: \under every forest there is a lawn".

Free land: You can buy it to create pasture or soy cultures.

Pasture: Here eveiy cow spends the first years of his life. You can increase terrain productivity hi rearing more cows in the same area.

Soy culture: You can increase terrain productivity using genetically modified plants. GMOs allow us to use more aggressive pesticides to minimize insect damage.

Grain culture: Used by the city of Sao Jose for people nutrition.

Rainforest: You can clear it to establish pastures and soy cropland.

Feed lot: Every good American wants a fat and greasy burger. Unfortunately, the cows coming from the pastures are slim and won't yield fat meat. So we must keep them here for some months and overindulge them with hyperchaloric soy-based fodder. Make sure there is sufficient fodder for all the cows and avoid the epidemics.

Cow: when it is fat enough, it will be automatically slaughted.

Cistern: here we store the soy-based fodder

Industrial waste: You can save time and money by adding industrial waste in the fodder. Oils, sewage and other shit are not very good for the cows' health but they are so convenient.

Hormones: You can fill the cows with hormones to make them fatten more quickly. This could have some risks to consumer health, but make no mistake: in love and war everything is licit.

Tritamatic: For each cow slaughtered, there is a lot of organic matter we can't use. It would be convenient make animal flour from this stuff and mix it in the fodder

Diseased cow: If the fodder is too unhealthy the risk of epidemic grows. To avoid food poisoning you have to destroy diseased cows before the slaughter

Vice director: He will alert you when the board of directors is not satisfied with your work

Play the Burger Tycoon Game Free online at GamesLoon!

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Burger Tycoon Game
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Game name: Burger Tycoon
Played: 30.456 times
Category: Other games » Tycoon games
Author: Molleindustria

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