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Coffee Tycoon game

Play Coffee Tycoon free online now. You run a coffee shop and it's your job to keep the business going. Make and Grow your coffee shop empire. Hire employee... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 22.568 times
Coffee Tycoon game info

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Coffee Tycoon Online Game

Coffee Tycoon Game Description

You run a coffee shop and it's your job to keep the business going. Make and Grow your coffee shop empire. Hire employees, upgrade items, and make lots of money.

Coffee Tycoon Game Instructions

EMPLOYEES: I'll give you an overview of the Employees screen later in the tutorial.

MENU: This screen is where you will add new drinks to your coffee lineup.

UPGRADES: This screen is where you will buy items that will improve your coffee shop, from super espresso machines to a corporate headquarters.

CUSTOMERS: This screen is where you will see all the different customers who will frequent your stores.

Next we'll go over the game stats. There are 4 main stats:

MONEY is the currency in the game. You earn money each day by selling coffee to your Customers. You will also need Money to add coffee recipes to your Menu and to buy Upgrades.

CUSTOMERS are how many people visit your Stores. The first number is the Customers you have. The second number is the amount of Customers you need to Level Up!

STORES are the number of Stores your company operates.

LEVEL is your current level in the game. Watch the progress bar to see how close you are to Leveling Up!

Finally, the "Employees" screen is where you'll manage your workforce. There are 3 types of Employees:

BARISTAS main job is collecting the Money and making the Coffee.

MANAGERS run the Stores and help draw in more Customers.

EXECUTIVES are busy trying to expand your company by opening Stores. Adjust the percentage of each type of Employees to meet your daily need. If you need more Money, make more Employees Baristas. If you need more Customers, make more Employees Managers and so on.

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Coffee Tycoon Screenshot

Coffee Tycoon Game
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Game name: Coffee Tycoon
Played: 22.568 times
Category: Other games » Tycoon games
Author: Jamopolis Interactive

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