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Oiligarchy game

Play Oiligarchy free online now. Oil, oil, oil! Or as J.R. Ewing used to say: Oi oi oil!. Search for the black gold, pump it outta the ground and get sti... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 10.340 times
Oiligarchy game info

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Oiligarchy Online Game

Oiligarchy Game Description

Oil, oil, oil! Or as J.R. Ewing used to say: Oi oi oil!. Search for the black gold, pump it outta the ground and get stinky rich in this special kind of game. Place oil platforms and earn money. Keep your extracted oil above the demand. Many gameplay aspects.

Oiligarchy Game Instructions

World War II is over and the future looks bright for the West. Your new office is on the top floor of one of the biggest Oil companies in the World. Your task as CEO is to turn that black sticky stuff into gold by any means necessary. If it's your first game please follow this quick tutorial.

Mother Nature hid her dark treasure in Earth's bowels. Use the exploration vehicles to find the reservoirs over land or sea.

Found a deposit? Deploy a small well, a normal well, or a platform, making sure that the drill line hits the oilfield and starts the extraction.

Remember that when the reserve of an oilfield is half depleted, the rate of extraction will decline gradually and you will probably have to supplant this loss of productivity.

Once you have completed your operations you have to press this button to go forward in time. Your yearly profit will be accounted and new events may happen.

Always keep an eye on these bars. You have to make sure that your extraction rate meets or exceeds the demand. If you fail your company's shareholders may decide to fire you.

Making money with oil is easy but managing the budget is not. Expand your business wisely and save money for funding parties at the elections. Your profits depends on the barrels sold (actual extraction) and the price of crude.

The oil demand will grow over time according to the growth of the economy (Gross Domestic Product growth) and the oil addiction. The latter represents the level of dependence on oil of the entire economy.

A healthy consumerist society will require more oil than is available in its national reserves. When you drill in foreign countries you will have to manage resistance that may arise from local communities and use political means to overcome "problematic" scenarios like Alaska and Iraq.

You will be constantly updated about events that may affect your business. Events can be important news or approved acts that can either facilitate or obstuct your activities. Click on the box to get more information or browse the archive to read past events.

In this window you can check your performance overtime and track the variables that affect your business. Here you can also find your yearly balance and the satisfaction level of the board of directors.

A wise man once said "Politics is the shadow cast on society by big business". To become a real oiligarch you have to make friends in Washington. The "Oiled" representatives will help you by supporting laws that increase the economy's oil addiction or cut taxes on your activities.

Gray representatives will be unpredictable and will tend to become green as the virus of environmentalism spreads around the World. Green representatives will actively obstruct your business by raising taxes or oil addiction levels.

The number of oiled representatives depends on the donations you gave during the last elections. Don't be too ideological in your donations: try to bet on the winning party and give a decent sum to the losing one. You may need friends in the opposition as well.

If you are particularly generous you can have an oiled person for president. This will give you direct access to the underground room. There you will be able to request that kind of special operations that the citizens shouldn't knowanythingabout.

Now you know the basics now and you should be able to run a booming businness. At least, until the oil production will start to decline. At that point things might get a little crazy...

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Oiligarchy Game
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Game name: Oiligarchy
Played: 10.340 times
Category: Other games » Tycoon games
Author: Molleindustria

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