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Action Puzzle Games

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Play Stickman Odo 2
Stickman Odo 2 game free online

Stickman Odo 2 Game HOT

Help the stick man to get through various levels avoiding all the dangers. A very fun puzzle game, can you solve it.

played 3.631 times
Play The Emperors Runaway Cart
The Emperors Runaway Cart game free online

The Emperors Runaway Cart Game HOT

Kuzco is on his way to meet Malina in Yzma's secret lab. What he doesn't know is Malina's note was really written by Yzma, and the cart Kuzco is on has NO BRAKES! Help Kuzco get to t...

played 33.330 times
Play The Great Escape
The Great Escape game free online

The Great Escape Game

Like you, the cow needs calcium to keep his bones strong and healthy. Calcium will also help me get to the Great Calcium Fair. Each food item you collect along the way gives me more...

played 11.044 times
Play The Pharaoh's Tomb
The Pharaoh's Tomb game free online

The Pharaoh's Tomb Game

Go round the tomb and get all the money and tools! Collect as much gold as you can. Avoid monsters and traps. Drink healing potions to cure your wounds. And get out of the Tomb as fa...

played 6.838 times
Play Tom And Jerry Midnight Snack
Tom And Jerry Midnight Snack game free online

Tom And Jerry Midnight Snack Game

Jerry is in a deep sleep and very very hungry. He is sleepwalking to get some nice food. Can you help Jerry walk the right path and get home safely? Place the limited arrows correctl...

played 18.942 times
Play Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt game free online

Treasure Hunt Game HOT

Dwarf's King Modsognir decided to marry off his daughters. Each pretender has to bring a wedding gift. Great old-school platform game with great graphics and non-linear levels and on...

played 6.078 times
Play Treasure Hunters Cave Exploration
Treasure Hunters Cave Exploration game free online

Treasure Hunters Cave Exploration Game

Explore the Caves, dig for gold and other shiney items. Can you get to the bottom?

played 7.753 times
Play Tubby's Big Adventure
Tubby's Big Adventure game free online

Tubby's Big Adventure Game

Guide Tubby through the different regions and grab all the junk food avoiding the enemies. Drop the pounds 'cause your mother said so.

played 4.396 times
Play Turnip Hunter
Turnip Hunter game free online

Turnip Hunter Game

Grab as many turnips and veggies as possible while jumping over the monsters. Can you complete the level? Very easy and cool game. You need only your mouse. Pick up the vedgetables a...

played 4.385 times
Play Witch Ball
Witch Ball game free online

Witch Ball Game

A small and cute flash game in which you have to drag and launch witch balls in order to shoot all the witches off their broom sticks.. Every level will get more colors which make it...

played 10.175 times
Play Zwill 2
Zwill 2 game free online

Zwill 2 Game

Wander the different areas, pick up cheese, stars, and avoid the creatures that stop you. Get as much cheese as you can but avoid the enemies.

played 4.359 times