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Action Puzzle Games

Are you good enough?

Play Artifission RPG Chapter 1
Artifission RPG Chapter 1 game free online

Artifission RPG Chapter 1 Game HOT

Investigate an incident in the cold arctic to retrieve xd143 with cargo. I hope you dont have to go anywhere. This RPG game could take up to an hour to beat! Explore the world and go...

played 5.790 times
Play Astro Kid
Astro Kid game free online

Astro Kid Game HOT

Solve all the levels and try to guide astro kid to the exit teleporter to clear each level. Get for more then 30 levels of alien and robotic fun! Guide astro kid to exit teleporter a...

played 9.679 times
Play Attack OTBGMT
Attack OTBGMT game free online

Attack OTBGMT Game

Collect the aliens by moving the spaceship.

played 6.844 times
Play Avatar The Last Airbender Trials of Serpent's Pass
Avatar The Last Airbender Trials of Serpent's Pass game free online

Avatar The Last Airbender Trials of... Game

Can you get all Avatar The Airbender characters across the map safely? Prove it. Toph and her friends need to reach Ba Sing Se on the other side of the dreaded Serpent's Pass. Use To...

played 43.334 times
Play Avoid The Laser
Avoid The Laser game free online

Avoid The Laser Game

Avoid the laser by hitting green bar. Collect yellow dots to raise score. After every 500 points speed grows.

played 5.218 times
Play Ball In Troubles
Ball In Troubles game free online

Ball In Troubles Game

The goal of the game is to get all stars along the way and reach the exit. Avoid collisions with spikes and rotators. If you collide to or jump at spike or rotators you lose one life...

played 3.279 times
Play Balloon Headed Boy
Balloon Headed Boy game free online

Balloon Headed Boy Game

It's Balloon Headed Boy's Birthday, and the King of the Balloons has arranged a huge party for him at Balloon Castle. All of the balloons in Balloon Town have been invited and everyo...

played 8.150 times
Play Bango
Bango game free online

Bango Game HOT

Bango is a puzzle platformer that requires two things: thinking out of the box and great platforming skills.

played 5.705 times
Play Batman Plastic Man In Plastic Attack
Batman Plastic Man In Plastic Attack game free online

Batman Plastic Man In Plastic Attack Game HOT

Batman needs your help! Take control of Plastic Man and bounce your way through Gotham City, clearing all the booby-trapped platforms and eliminating any thugs! Bounce your way throu...

played 9.115 times
Play Batman The Rooftop Caper
Batman The Rooftop Caper game free online

Batman The Rooftop Caper Game HOT

Take to the rooftops of Gotham City as everyone's favorite Caped Crusader, Batman! Ascend to the rooftops as you take on Kanjar Ro and his band of villainous henchmen!

played 9.749 times
Play Batman Vs Mr Freeze
Batman Vs Mr Freeze game free online

Batman Vs Mr Freeze Game

Stop mr. Freeze! Play as batman and try to destroy Mr Freeze by shooting bat things at him, try not to let him freeze you in this fun Batman Vs Mr Freeze game online. Mr. Freeze is t...

played 22.622 times
Play Battle Royale
Battle Royale game free online

Battle Royale Game HOT

Destroy all the tanks before they destroy your base, in this fun tank shooting game. You are in a battle maze surrounded by enemies. Your aim is to protect your base by destroying en...

played 6.551 times
Play Beauty And The Beast Gastons Castle Clamor
Beauty And The Beast Gastons Castle Clamor game free online

Beauty And The Beast Gastons Castle... Game HOT

Gaston is leading the raid on Beast's Castle. Lumiere and Cogsworth must prevent him from catching Beast, Belle and Maurice by dropping the items belonging to them.

played 16.185 times