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Action Puzzle Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Beaver Brothers
Beaver Brothers game free online

Beaver Brothers Game HOT

Help the Beaver Brother to colect all the bricks that scattered in all the floors. To complete each level collect all the red bricks.

played 4.723 times
Play Bell Boys
Bell Boys game free online

Bell Boys Game

Your mission is to help the bellboys deliver their orders to the right floor. Move the lifts up and down to get the bell boys to the bells.

played 2.162 times
Play Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever game free online

Best Friends Forever Game

Control 3 best friends to help each of them help each other reach the exits. Great game which you have to play!

played 5.003 times
Play Blocks
Blocks game free online

Blocks Game

A puzzle game. Collect the coins, avoid the dangerous obstacles, grab the key and exit through the rising door 25 Levels. The aim of the game is to collect all the coins in each...

played 2.706 times
Play Bojo
Bojo game free online

Bojo Game

Collect the bombs before they explode. You only have 5 lives. You have 5 lives. Every time you fall down, or let a bomb explode, you lose a life. After each level you have completed...

played 3.363 times
Play Box Clever
Box Clever game free online

Box Clever Game HOT

Reach the exit by detaching grey objects and killing your enemies.

played 3.379 times
Play Boxheaded 1.1
Boxheaded 1.1 game free online

Boxheaded 1.1 Game

Boxheaded is crazy for diamonds. Help him to get the dimaond in each level and don't let him fall or get burnt. This game is based on Box2D physics engine. 30 levels await you!

played 2.715 times
Play Boxheaded Advanture
Boxheaded Advanture game free online

Boxheaded Advanture Game HOT

In the physics platform 'advanture'game 'Boxheaded' you have to find a way to reach each diamond in every level which definitely isn't that easy!

played 3.285 times
Play Boxheaded Level Package
Boxheaded Level Package game free online

Boxheaded Level Package Game

This is the Boxheaded Level Package. All the level in it are all made by players who love the game.Flash Game Instruction: It's harder than the original version, if you haven't playe...

played 2.852 times
Play Cake Quest
Cake Quest game free online

Cake Quest Game HOT

Teeheem I have finally stolen all zeh cakes in zeh world! I shall hide them so only I can eat them. Oh no! The cakes! Chef booboo has stolen all the cakes! You must help find and ret...

played 4.663 times
Play Cannon Blaster
Cannon Blaster game free online

Cannon Blaster Game HOT

Fire the dude from cannon to cannon and to the exits in this funny skill game.

played 4.747 times
Play Cannon Blaster 2
Cannon Blaster 2 game free online

Cannon Blaster 2 Game HOT

Get the badly drawn dude through this tricky mix of flying game and Hyper Bucket. Cannonboy is back. But his world is harder! Collect coins to earn cheats, like Big Head and Poop Ski...

played 4.470 times
Play Cave Master
Cave Master game free online

Cave Master Game

Move through the caves flipping switches and dodging the pokey mines. In this classic style platforming adventure with 21 levels, attempt to escape the cave before your life runs out!!

played 4.078 times