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Action Puzzle Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play Caveman in Prehistoric
Caveman in Prehistoric game free online

Caveman in Prehistoric Game HOT

You live in the prehistoric time. Beat all the furball creatures by jumping against the stones beneath them. Play as a prehistoric caveman with a big club! Help Caveman get back in h...

played 9.925 times
Play City Under Siege
City Under Siege game free online

City Under Siege Game HOT

Defend your base from the oncoming tanks by destroying all the of them in this fun tank defense game. Your task is to destroy all tanks and protect command center. You have 3 lives....

played 27.668 times
Play Colonel Kerfuffle In Castle Calamity
Colonel Kerfuffle In Castle Calamity game free online

Colonel Kerfuffle In Castle Calamity Game

Haunted! Keep out! With your flashlight, explore and find your way around the castle. The castle is divided into 5 levels. In each level, you need to find a key to unlock the door th...

played 10.437 times
Play Colony Queen
Colony Queen game free online

Colony Queen Game HOT

You are lonely honey bee aiming to build your own colony. To achieve this aim you need to enter in different gardens and make as many friends as possible by touching them within the...

played 7.158 times
Play Crow in Hell
Crow in Hell game free online

Crow in Hell Game

After being unfortunately shot down to hell by a redneck hunter, the crow must find its way out of the tunnels and back outside so it can get its revenge! Avoid traps and try to stay...

played 7.931 times
Play D-Star
D-Star game free online

D-Star Game

This is an old game remake. A fun puzzle game where you have to collect all the yellow squares

played 5.242 times
Play Ding Dong
Ding Dong game free online

Ding Dong Game

Without the power bells, the magical music ship won't fly! Help! I've crashed my Magic Music Ship and all the Power Bells have fallen out! If you've found this then one maybe you can...

played 7.422 times
Play Dino Soars
Dino Soars game free online

Dino Soars Game HOT

Uh-Oh, Prehistoric winds have blown your pterodactyl eggs out of your nest. Swoop & search below to gather'em up before anything "bad" happens! Find all of the scattered Pterodactyls...

played 54.774 times
Play Disorientation
Disorientation game free online

Disorientation Game HOT

A top-down game where the goal is to get from point "A" to point "B" without killing yourself. Sounds easy enough. Not walking into spiky walls of death has never been so disorientin...

played 3.801 times
Play Don't Save the Princess
Don't Save the Princess game free online

Don't Save the Princess Game

A fun tile-based puzzle game spanning across 24 levels of humorous, non-Princess saving awesomeness! Level editor included! The princess has been kidnapped and the knight of the king...

played 2.550 times
Play Doozy Travel
Doozy Travel game free online

Doozy Travel Game

In Doozy Land, Doozies work hard and vacation even harder. These fun-loving dwarfs never miss out an opportunity to sneak out on a vacation when they can. And eco-friendly dwarfs tha...

played 4.227 times
Play Dumbolf
Dumbolf game free online

Dumbolf Game HOT

This is by far the best mini golf game I have ever played, it is a lot of fun! You might get really frustrated once in a while when you get stuck! The big hairy elephant returns in t...

played 5.986 times
Play Dyna Miner
Dyna Miner game free online

Dyna Miner Game HOT

Dynaminer is a boulder dash and bomberman clone flash game where you have to dig your way into the ground, in order to collect all the gold pieces. Dont forget to pickup the extra bo...

played 7.254 times