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Play Embrioni in Fuga
Embrioni in Fuga game free online

Embrioni in Fuga Game

The law has stopped the 40-cell research stem. This could be the cure for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease and tumors. The researchers are now fo...

played 4.324 times
Play Emu's Mess-Terpiece
Emu's Mess-Terpiece game free online

Emu's Mess-Terpiece Game HOT

Emu's favorite toys are missing! turn the flat upside down to find them. But be quick! Sophie is looking fort hem too, and if she finds them before you do, they'll be gone forever!

played 9.923 times
Play Escape from Castle Doom
Escape from Castle Doom game free online

Escape from Castle Doom Game HOT

Help the Blue Peter presenters escape the scary castle. They are trapped in the Castle called Doom. This fun game is based on the game "lemmings".

played 6.550 times
Play Escape from Rhetundo Island
Escape from Rhetundo Island game free online

Escape from Rhetundo Island Game HOT

Help Johnny Tag escape from the island. From the makers of Hapland...try to escape this island.

played 6.550 times
Play Escape From Scientology Land Part 2
Escape From Scientology Land Part 2 game free online

Escape From Scientology Land Part 2 Game

Our firecrotcher hero Gene was kidnapped by a gang of evil Scientologists and send to their headquarters in Scientology Land. He battled L. Ron-O-Bots, Lawyer Goons and escaped the c...

played 5.996 times
Play Flaming Zombooka
Flaming Zombooka game free online

Flaming Zombooka Game HOT

A cool Zombie shooter game. Fire your bazooka at the zombies as you try to kill all the zombies on each level.

played 5.011 times
Play Fur Fighter Bloody Burberry
Fur Fighter Bloody Burberry game free online

Fur Fighter Bloody Burberry Game

Here we have a game with a kind of political message. Help those little Fur Fighters to demonstrate against the use of fur in several funny mini-games. The corporate bigwigs at Burbe...

played 6.789 times
Play Grave Shift Sewers
Grave Shift Sewers game free online

Grave Shift Sewers Game HOT

The adventures of Arimose the Brave continue! On his journey to reclaim King Krump’s stolen treasure, Arimose finds himself lost in the sewers deep beneath the City of Westwick. Help...

played 7.431 times
Play Hazard 2
Hazard 2 game free online

Hazard 2 Game

The much anticipated sequel is here. Better graphics, harder levels, and all new hazards you need to overcome. Watch out for those heat seekers.

played 2.637 times
Play Heist
Heist game free online

Heist Game

Steal the worlds biggest diamond, but don't get caught by the guards!

played 2.562 times
Play Houdini - Temple Of The Serpent
Houdini - Temple Of The Serpent game free online

Houdini - Temple Of The Serpent Game

The World Tour begins in Mexico City, where brightly clad assailants kidnap I larry and his lovely assistant Margaret from the city streets. He awakes on the sacrificial altar of an...

played 8.269 times
Play HoverBot 2
HoverBot 2 game free online

HoverBot 2 Game HOT

Free from the factory of which you escaped. You return once more in the hopes to rescue the other helpless robots being held captive. Victory is vital in this mission. Good luck Hove...

played 4.882 times
Play Hungry Hungry Mario
Hungry Hungry Mario game free online

Hungry Hungry Mario Game HOT

Jump around as Mario on the platforms pick up the dots but don't fall off. The main goal in the game is to collect all the green circles as fast as possible. Every second you waste y...

played 5.962 times