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Action Puzzle Games

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Play The Pharaoh's Tomb
The Pharaoh's Tomb game free online

The Pharaoh's Tomb Game

Go round the tomb and get all the money and tools! Collect as much gold as you can. Avoid monsters and traps. Drink healing potions to cure your wounds. And get out of the Tomb as fa...

played 6.583 times
Play Phantom Mansion 3 - The Yellow Tower
Phantom Mansion 3 - The Yellow Tower game free online

Phantom Mansion 3 - The Yellow Tower Game

Tahe the yellow door to explore The Yellow Tower. ...and so it continues, further and further Hector travels into the Phantom Mansion, and having retrieved the second mask, he faces...

played 6.571 times
Play Attack OTBGMT
Attack OTBGMT game free online

Attack OTBGMT Game

Collect the aliens by moving the spaceship.

played 6.512 times
Play Jess's Waterfall Jumps
Jess's Waterfall Jumps game free online

Jess's Waterfall Jumps Game HOT

Help Jess maker her way down the waterfall with her friends Pippi and Fuzz. Watch your step, waterfall jumping is dangerous! Jump from rock to rock while collecting Mayan symbols and...

played 6.509 times
Play Alcazar
Alcazar game free online

Alcazar Game

Jump yourself to the top! Control a stick man by making him jump from platform to platform as he walks from side to side.

played 6.400 times
Play Escape from Rhetundo Island
Escape from Rhetundo Island game free online

Escape from Rhetundo Island Game HOT

Help Johnny Tag escape from the island. From the makers of Hapland...try to escape this island.

played 6.397 times
Play Battle Royale
Battle Royale game free online

Battle Royale Game HOT

Destroy all the tanks before they destroy your base, in this fun tank shooting game. You are in a battle maze surrounded by enemies. Your aim is to protect your base by destroying en...

played 6.373 times
Play Escape from Castle Doom
Escape from Castle Doom game free online

Escape from Castle Doom Game HOT

Help the Blue Peter presenters escape the scary castle. They are trapped in the Castle called Doom. This fun game is based on the game "lemmings".

played 6.369 times
Play Phantom Mansion II - Part 1 - The Black Sea
Phantom Mansion II - Part 1 - The Black Sea game free online

Phantom Mansion II - Part 1 - The B... Game HOT

Part 1 of the latest Phantom Mansion serial, "Treasures of the Seven Seas". Hector starts his treasure hunt on the Black Sea.

played 6.130 times
Play Phantom Mansion 4 - The Green Gallery
Phantom Mansion 4 - The Green Gallery game free online

Phantom Mansion 4 - The Green Gallery Game

Take the green door to the Green Gallery. Phantom Mansion is back with another exciting adventure. Continue exploring the Phantom Mansion as you seek out skulls and keep from dying.

played 6.078 times
Play Square Run
Square Run game free online

Square Run Game

You are a green square. You have to escape the puzzle. Make sure you avoid all the obstacles along the way and stay alive!

played 6.039 times
Play Another Box Of Hot Corn
Another Box Of Hot Corn game free online

Another Box Of Hot Corn Game

Here comes another box of hot corn! 50 more levels for the Popcorn game. With new challenges and design for the stages, there's really a lot more you could do with the second game.

played 5.931 times
Play Little Fat Ninja
Little Fat Ninja game free online

Little Fat Ninja Game

Castle Volcsum has been invaded by the Evil Horde. Ifs up to you (the Little Fat Ninja) to rid the castle of these fiends and restore order to this once happy place. The Horde has se...

played 5.930 times