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Action Puzzle Games

by plays1000+ Games

Play Dumbolf
Dumbolf game free online

Dumbolf Game HOT

This is by far the best mini golf game I have ever played, it is a lot of fun! You might get really frustrated once in a while when you get stuck! The big hairy elephant returns in t...

played 5.864 times
Play Escape From Scientology Land Part 2
Escape From Scientology Land Part 2 game free online

Escape From Scientology Land Part 2 Game

Our firecrotcher hero Gene was kidnapped by a gang of evil Scientologists and send to their headquarters in Scientology Land. He battled L. Ron-O-Bots, Lawyer Goons and escaped the c...

played 5.861 times
Play Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt game free online

Treasure Hunt Game HOT

Dwarf's King Modsognir decided to marry off his daughters. Each pretender has to bring a wedding gift. Great old-school platform game with great graphics and non-linear levels and on...

played 5.831 times
Play Spin Climb
Spin Climb game free online

Spin Climb Game

An awesome game of platform jumping, but the game starts to rotate and you still have to keep jumpin. Jump while the platform is spinning.

played 5.824 times
Play Hungry Hungry Mario
Hungry Hungry Mario game free online

Hungry Hungry Mario Game HOT

Jump around as Mario on the platforms pick up the dots but don't fall off. The main goal in the game is to collect all the green circles as fast as possible. Every second you waste y...

played 5.814 times
Play Aliens Land Earth Strikes Back
Aliens Land Earth Strikes Back game free online

Aliens Land Earth Strikes Back Game

An Alien civilisation has stolen all the diamonds from the planet Earth so we've decided to send you on the planet knoks to get them back as soon as possible. Fly your UFO around gra...

played 5.672 times
Play Artifission RPG Chapter 1
Artifission RPG Chapter 1 game free online

Artifission RPG Chapter 1 Game HOT

Investigate an incident in the cold arctic to retrieve xd143 with cargo. I hope you dont have to go anywhere. This RPG game could take up to an hour to beat! Explore the world and go...

played 5.639 times
Play Nevermore The Runes of Shalak
Nevermore The Runes of Shalak game free online

Nevermore The Runes of Shalak Game HOT

This is an adventure game where you have to find the two Runes of Shalak which, if integrated, open a new portal to a diverse universe. Your job is to collect all the coins to procee...

played 5.633 times
Play Bango
Bango game free online

Bango Game HOT

Bango is a puzzle platformer that requires two things: thinking out of the box and great platforming skills.

played 5.573 times
Play Soap Bubble
Soap Bubble game free online

Soap Bubble Game HOT

You are a soapbubble leasurly playing with your friends in the sun, when all of a sudden you discover a strange hole behind a bush. Guide a soap bubble through a dark damp cave. Fly...

played 5.538 times
Play Kingdom of Machines
Kingdom of Machines game free online

Kingdom of Machines Game HOT

In this small action RPG game you play a tiny little hero that faces a robotic Warlord that has destroyed most of the village. You'd better clean up the mess and get rid of that Warl...

played 5.500 times
Play Andrew The Droid
Andrew The Droid game free online

Andrew The Droid Game HOT

Guide Andrew the Droid through 25 levels in three different worlds, solve puzzles and gain new amazing skills.

played 5.395 times
Play Minimal Lemmings
Minimal Lemmings game free online

Minimal Lemmings Game

Games with lemmings are always fun. How can they not be? They're lemmings after all. Help the Lemmings migrate safely to the exit by using the various tools provided.

played 5.299 times