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Blocks game

Play Blocks free online now. A puzzle game. Collect the coins, avoid the dangerous obstacles, grab the key and exit through the rising door 25 Level... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 2.650 times
Blocks game info

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Blocks Online Game

Blocks Game Description

A puzzle game. Collect the coins, avoid the dangerous obstacles, grab the key and exit through the rising door
25 Levels.

The aim of the game is to collect all the coins in each level. Once you have done this a key mill appear and you must collect this and go through the door that appears, you then have to complete the level. There are dangers in some of the later levels which you must to avoid or you will die. There are also other objects you will need to interact with such as switches and moving blocks, there are 25 levels to complete each filled with their own challenges and trials.

Blocks Game Instructions

Stack blocks of the same color, shoot them for points.

The controls are quite simple really.
Left and right to go left and right.
Up to jump down to duck.
Space and up or down to work switches.

Doors (right) are what will appear after you have got all the coins and the key.
There are three types of moving blocks Orange blocks are like lifts or escalators and moue you. Blue blocks can be used as a normal blocks but you moue them with your mouse.

The final type is an orange like block but needs a switch to work. To work it go to the switch and press space and either up or down, you can only change direction when it has reached the top or bottom.

Falling blocks do exactly what’s on the label they fall but they only do this randomly red blocks are the final type of block, simply you can't stand on them literally.

The dangers are:
Bugs, lasers and spikes. Try to avoid these as if you hit them you'll have to restart the LEVEL!
These pesky things like to trip you over they'll bounce between two mails and even go up lifts just to get you.
Spikes. These will be the first danger you will encounter. You can’t touch these or you mill die
Lasers go off randomly and create a barrier, you mill know it’s about to go off as a red flashing light mill appear on it.

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Blocks Screenshot

Blocks Game
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Game name: Blocks
Played: 2.650 times
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