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Brain Training Games

Are you good enough?

Play D.N.A.
D.N.A. game free online

D.N.A. Game

D.N.A is about joining different colors together to cause chain reactions. Your goal is to make chains of 10 or larger that cause cells to burst. It's that simple. Can you connect th...

played 6.374 times
Play DooBoo Spidrix
DooBoo Spidrix game free online

DooBoo Spidrix Game

On each level, you need to hit little spiders (Spidrixes) using a certain number of drops of certain types - water, ice, or fire - in order to release DooBo butterfly. 24 exciting ph...

played 4.512 times
Play Draw Paths
Draw Paths game free online

Draw Paths Game

Draw the path the ball should take. Gets very difficult later on when moving parts at the same time. Move objects and draw a line from the red ball to the star. You have a limited am...

played 7.555 times
Play Duck Think Outside The Flock
Duck Think Outside The Flock game free online

Duck Think Outside The Flock Game

Play various fun little mini games involving a cute little yellow rubber duck. Find out what you should be doing.

played 5.084 times
Play En.Q.Bate
En.Q.Bate game free online

En.Q.Bate Game

Can you master this puzzle game with all sorts of variations of winning. Fill up all the spots.

played 3.604 times
Play Food Finder
Food Finder game free online

Food Finder Game HOT

Place the foods into the spots they belong. Toss unwanted foods into the bubbling pot. You are a witch who cooks a special magic stew on the Halloween night. You need to collect the...

played 6.813 times
Play Four Second Fury
Four Second Fury game free online

Four Second Fury Game

You have four seconds to finish each game. Play 20 different randomly selected games. Be VERY quick!

played 4.679 times
Play Four Seconds Frenzy
Four Seconds Frenzy game free online

Four Seconds Frenzy Game HOT

What can you do in four seconds? We don't want to know. But can you defuse a bomb, do math and leap over buildings in time? Test your Reaction and Skill in this superfast Game! 50 mi...

played 5.466 times
Play Fragments
Fragments game free online

Fragments Game HOT

Fragments is basically a combination of tangrams, n-puzzle, and a few other puzzle games. It includes 50 puzzles, each with its own par to to make things even more challenging - if y...

played 6.301 times
Play Geography Game USA
Geography Game USA game free online

Geography Game USA Game

Identify all of the US states, then countries in other continents. Select the proper state as the name comes up and answer correctly for points.

played 8.421 times
Play Goldburger To Go
Goldburger To Go game free online

Goldburger To Go Game

It's lunchtime on the ZOOM set and Che cast and crew are hungry! Can you perfect the ZOOMers' Rube Goldberg invention for serving lunch? The ZOOMers say it just needs a few minor adj...

played 78.847 times
Play Green And Black
Green And Black game free online

Green And Black Game HOT

A collection of several small games with green/black graphics. Play a number of games, flip tiles over, drive and crash, shoot UFOs and more.

played 3.998 times
Play I-Puzzle
I-Puzzle game free online

I-Puzzle Game

A series of 10 puzzles with a limited viewing range. Click the numbered buttons in ascending order in each chamber, Simple? Not really. They are rather hidden from view.

played 3.075 times