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Brain Training Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play Password
Password game free online

Password Game

Test your wisdom! 20 Levels to challenge you! Internet search engines are very helpful. Try to discover the password using available hints which are found in each level.

played 79.692 times
Play Password 2
Password 2 game free online

Password 2 Game

A challenging riddle game. 20 Levels to challenge you! Figure out the password using available hints in each level.

played 2.915 times
Play Priests N Devils
Priests N Devils game free online

Priests N Devils Game HOT

Help the Priests & Devils cross the River. Move all the priests and devils across, but don't let them attack each other by out numbering. A tricky puzzle game. You have to get all...

played 20.820 times
Play Push 'n Snap
Push 'n Snap game free online

Push 'n Snap Game HOT

Test your reasoning power solving the puzzles of this incredible game. The idea is to fit the colored blocks in their proper places, for this will have to use all their intelligence.

played 3.349 times
Play Rebound
Rebound game free online

Rebound Game HOT

Freak-Ball the Fluffite is trapped in a garden of mystery. It's up to you to help him escape to the open countryside by working out his bounce path to the exit. Freak-Ball the Fluffi...

played 6.978 times
Play Rubic's Cube
Rubic's Cube game free online

Rubic's Cube Game

Oh, the ever-addicting Rubic's Cube is here. Think you got the brains. If so try this computer rubix cube.

played 3.687 times
Play Sahara The Objective - Defuse The Bomb
Sahara The Objective - Defuse The Bomb game free online

Sahara The Objective - Defuse The Bomb Game HOT

Can you defuse the bomb in time or will it explode Surrounded by explosives and a bomb that reads 2 minutes until detonation, the fate of the world lies on your hand. Disable the bom...

played 9.364 times
Play Simon Sais Colors
Simon Sais Colors game free online

Simon Sais Colors Game HOT

Simon's a computer, Simon has a brain, you either 00 what Simon says or else go down the drain. The idea of the game is a simple one, as Simon likes to say. Follow the pattern of lig...

played 4.412 times
Play Sue Cheerleader Challenge
Sue Cheerleader Challenge game free online

Sue Cheerleader Challenge Game HOT

Watch the cheerleaders moves, then pick the same moves for your cheerleader to do. Copy the cheerleader moves and make Sue a star! Sue's into cheer-leading in this game! Sue must re...

played 12.092 times
Play Switch It
Switch It game free online

Switch It Game

Switch off the lights. Use the mouse to switch off all the lights. Clicking a switch will toggle not only the switch you click but also the ones next to it! The levels get tougher as...

played 2.805 times
Play The Stupid Test 2
The Stupid Test 2 game free online

The Stupid Test 2 Game

Welcome to Junior High Edition! Can you follow directions and click the buttons in the right order and the way your suppose to? The insturctions are simple Step away from the compute...

played 13.588 times
Play The Timewaster Ultra
The Timewaster Ultra game free online

The Timewaster Ultra Game

"The Timewaster Ultra" is a game that tests your skills, short-term memory and intuition. It's about pressing buttons in a specific order. It features 40 unique tests with plenty of...

played 4.909 times
Play Tiny Trials
Tiny Trials game free online

Tiny Trials Game HOT

Play Tiny Trials Game and complete each fast paced fun mini game within the time limit as quickly as you can. Try to beat the top high scores. You are given brief instructions before...

played 8.245 times