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Brain Training Games

by playsAmazingly FUN!

Play The Timewaster Ultra
The Timewaster Ultra game free online

The Timewaster Ultra Game

"The Timewaster Ultra" is a game that tests your skills, short-term memory and intuition. It's about pressing buttons in a specific order. It features 40 unique tests with plenty of...

played 4.822 times
Play ButtonHunt
ButtonHunt game free online

ButtonHunt Game HOT

Press the red button to complete the level. Nothing more, nothing less. Can you find the red button on every level? Each level gets a little more tricky.

played 4.785 times
Play ButtonHunt 2
ButtonHunt 2 game free online

ButtonHunt 2 Game HOT

This is the creative sequel to Button Hunt. Your task is to find and click on the button. Can you find the red buttons throughout the entire game? Each level changes it up a bit.

played 4.667 times
Play Four Second Fury
Four Second Fury game free online

Four Second Fury Game

You have four seconds to finish each game. Play 20 different randomly selected games. Be VERY quick!

played 4.619 times
Play DooBoo Spidrix
DooBoo Spidrix game free online

DooBoo Spidrix Game

On each level, you need to hit little spiders (Spidrixes) using a certain number of drops of certain types - water, ice, or fire - in order to release DooBo butterfly. 24 exciting ph...

played 4.471 times
Play Simon Sais Colors
Simon Sais Colors game free online

Simon Sais Colors Game HOT

Simon's a computer, Simon has a brain, you either 00 what Simon says or else go down the drain. The idea of the game is a simple one, as Simon likes to say. Follow the pattern of lig...

played 4.333 times
Play Green And Black
Green And Black game free online

Green And Black Game HOT

A collection of several small games with green/black graphics. Play a number of games, flip tiles over, drive and crash, shoot UFOs and more.

played 3.958 times
Play Rubic's Cube
Rubic's Cube game free online

Rubic's Cube Game

Oh, the ever-addicting Rubic's Cube is here. Think you got the brains. If so try this computer rubix cube.

played 3.628 times
Play En.Q.Bate
En.Q.Bate game free online

En.Q.Bate Game

Can you master this puzzle game with all sorts of variations of winning. Fill up all the spots.

played 3.567 times
Play Cubic Rubic
Cubic Rubic game free online

Cubic Rubic Game

This is an online Rubic Cube game! Put all the colors together.

played 3.470 times
Play Push 'n Snap
Push 'n Snap game free online

Push 'n Snap Game HOT

Test your reasoning power solving the puzzles of this incredible game. The idea is to fit the colored blocks in their proper places, for this will have to use all their intelligence.

played 3.288 times
Play Z-Rox
Z-Rox game free online

Z-Rox Game HOT

ZRox is one of the wildest on most challenging games you will ever come across, so do not strain any more brain cells and get to playing this z-rox game as it willd make your brain m...

played 3.222 times
Play I-Puzzle
I-Puzzle game free online

I-Puzzle Game

A series of 10 puzzles with a limited viewing range. Click the numbered buttons in ascending order in each chamber, Simple? Not really. They are rather hidden from view.

played 3.035 times