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Brain Training Games

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Play Brain Drain
Brain Drain game free online

Brain Drain Game

Solve the puzzles as they get harder with small clues to let you solve each one. Anything is fair game. You'll need to use your brain (both sides!), your keyboard, and your mouse. Us...

played 21.659 times
Play Visual Illusions
Visual Illusions game free online

Visual Illusions Game

Have fun solving 5 visual illusions (there is no time limit).

played 19.849 times
Play Idiot Test 6
Idiot Test 6 game free online

Idiot Test 6 Game

The latest and greatest installment of the Idiot Test game series.

played 17.791 times
Play Brain Teaser Quiz
Brain Teaser Quiz game free online

Brain Teaser Quiz Game

How much do you really know? Put on your thinking caps and try to figure out the answers to 12 tough riddles. Complete against the world to see if you are the ultimate brain teaser...

played 15.675 times
Play Idiot Test 3
Idiot Test 3 game free online

Idiot Test 3 Game

Test your IQ and see if you pass the idiot test 3. Read the instructions and answer carefully. If you don't understand the instructions then, well, you're screwed.

played 14.070 times
Play Idiot Test 4
Idiot Test 4 game free online

Idiot Test 4 Game

I am wondering if we have any idiots here. Test how much of an idiot you are. Don't think your not until you complete the test.

played 10.058 times
Play Geography Game USA
Geography Game USA game free online

Geography Game USA Game

Identify all of the US states, then countries in other continents. Select the proper state as the name comes up and answer correctly for points.

played 8.322 times
Play Bustabrain
Bustabrain game free online

Bustabrain Game

Are you ready for a brain busting challenge!? Solve each puzzle to move onto the next level. How many clicks will it take you? Very addictive!

played 7.835 times
Play D.N.A.
D.N.A. game free online

D.N.A. Game

D.N.A is about joining different colors together to cause chain reactions. Your goal is to make chains of 10 or larger that cause cells to burst. It's that simple. Can you connect th...

played 6.315 times
Play Duck Think Outside The Flock
Duck Think Outside The Flock game free online

Duck Think Outside The Flock Game

Play various fun little mini games involving a cute little yellow rubber duck. Find out what you should be doing.

played 5.043 times
Play DooBoo Spidrix
DooBoo Spidrix game free online

DooBoo Spidrix Game

On each level, you need to hit little spiders (Spidrixes) using a certain number of drops of certain types - water, ice, or fire - in order to release DooBo butterfly. 24 exciting ph...

played 4.471 times
Play En.Q.Bate
En.Q.Bate game free online

En.Q.Bate Game

Can you master this puzzle game with all sorts of variations of winning. Fill up all the spots.

played 3.567 times
Play Password 2
Password 2 game free online

Password 2 Game

A challenging riddle game. 20 Levels to challenge you! Figure out the password using available hints in each level.

played 2.843 times