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Brick Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Driller
Driller game free online

Driller Game

Go down the blocks for as far as you can while avoiding the falling blocks as you go drill them. You may also collect a power-up for more air. Also has an element of a puzzle in it,...

played 4.712 times
Play Five In A Row
Five In A Row game free online

Five In A Row Game HOT

This is a brilliant game, with new strategies emerging every time you play it! The aim is to place 5 blocks of the same color in a row for points. You can place the blocks either hor...

played 8.910 times
Play Flash AX
Flash AX game free online

Flash AX Game

FlashAX is a puzzle flash game. The aim is to get maximum score by making a square with game edges. But you can also make points by clicking 4 tiles on the same color and form square...

played 3.481 times
Play Gardenmaster
Gardenmaster game free online

Gardenmaster Game HOT

This game is a bit like tetris but different in a couple of ways. You have to make horizontal or vertical lines to clear the flowerfield! But this time you can place the blocks anywh...

played 5.225 times
Play HDOS Databank Request 01
HDOS Databank Request 01 game free online

HDOS Databank Request 01 Game HOT

Welcome to the HDOS Databank Mainframe. The file "Secret Government Projects 1954 - 2008.xls" is protected. Please unlock all security layers to gain access. Your actions are monitor...

played 3.153 times
Play IQ Bic
IQ Bic game free online

IQ Bic Game

This is a cute block puzzle where you have to match the block into their same color matches. Click on the blocks then click on the position to move, you have 25 levels to beat. 25 le...

played 3.890 times
Play Lt. Fly vs The Spiders
Lt. Fly vs The Spiders game free online

Lt. Fly vs The Spiders Game HOT

Flies have taken abuse from spiders for long enough. Its time to take charge and stand up to your enemy. A puzzle game mixed with a shooter. Get bullets from the puzzle game to shoot...

played 5.526 times
Play MatchBlox 2 Abram's Quest
MatchBlox 2 Abram's Quest game free online

MatchBlox 2 Abram's Quest Game HOT

It is easy to recall the childhood talcs of the infamous prate Captain Abram, who sailed these waters many years ago. You remember your parents catling, "Be home before dark or Capta...

played 7.846 times
Play Naive Town
Naive Town game free online

Naive Town Game

Your main goal is to build up more palaces than you can. You complete a palace when you manage to put 5 identical blocks in a column. Stack 5 blocks of the same color to build a buil...

played 2.761 times
Play NeliNurk
NeliNurk game free online

NeliNurk Game

Are you able to clear all the blocks and make a highscore? Find 4 tiles of a similar colors in the corner of the rechtangles tp remove them. Bigger rechtangles give more points. Whe...

played 10.411 times
Play One Piece's treasure map
One Piece's treasure map game free online

One Piece's treasure map Game

This is a puzzle game of One Piece series. Use diamands of differents shapes to form the lost part of the treasure map. Remember to fill all the graphic blanks in the map and the dia...

played 10.719 times
Play Pokeball Blitz
Pokeball Blitz game free online

Pokeball Blitz Game

A combination of Tetris and Bust A move. Every so often pokoblocks appear at the bottom in random colours, and random pokeballs appear waiting to be colour matched. Drop the differen...

played 3.724 times
Play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Break Down Blast
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Break Down Blast game free online

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Break Dow... Game HOT

A Pokemon version of collapse. Click on groups off like-colored blocks to make them disappear. Try to clear the entire board.

played 21.631 times