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Bubble Shooter Games

Top 5 Games

Play Pikachu Coloured Balls
Pikachu Coloured Balls game free online

Pikachu Coloured Balls Game HOT

Help Picachu match the coloured balls before its too late. Shoot the colored balls next to other balls of that same color. Yes, another Pikachu game. *sigh*. We love him really.

played 8.175 times
Play Pinballadia
Pinballadia game free online

Pinballadia Game HOT

This is a funny pinball game that mixes Zuma and pinball into one addicting and fast arcade and puzzle game. The objective is to create groups of three the same balls to make them di...

played 31.287 times
Play Puzzle Soccer World Cup
Puzzle Soccer World Cup game free online

Puzzle Soccer World Cup Game HOT

This puzzle game is like Bubble Bobble from Taito. this time in a soccer type theme. Choose your favorite team and win the Cup of the World facing 15 levels. Every level it is repres...

played 19.924 times
Play Reaktor
Reaktor game free online

Reaktor Game

Rotate the platinum blocks and match up atleast three to destroy them. Enter the 8-sector Reaktor zone where you match the same color of plutonium blocks. Press your left mouse butto...

played 3.721 times
Play Revange of the Bubbles
Revange of the Bubbles game free online

Revange of the Bubbles Game HOT

Watch out! The bubbles are after you! Can you defeat them before they defeat you? Run away from the bubbles before they fall on your head. Pop them with your arrows!

played 2.816 times
Play Santa And The Lost Gifts
Santa And The Lost Gifts game free online

Santa And The Lost Gifts Game

The Grinch has stolen the Santa's gifts. You must recover them! Fire rockets at the bubbles to recover gifts. Christmas Eve is coming and there's some minutes Santa Claus bring gifts...

played 10.697 times
Play Sheep Color Bubbles
Sheep Color Bubbles game free online

Sheep Color Bubbles Game HOT

Help Sheep Rambo the sheep protect his farm from the different colored wolves by shooting them! To stop every wolf, you have to throw a ball of the same color.

played 5.158 times
Play Sushi Zuma
Sushi Zuma game free online

Sushi Zuma Game HOT

Do not let the sushi get passed you. Eliminate them. You can eliminate the sushi if they are same kind and three sticking together in a row. Shoot at groups of items of the same kind...

played 8.883 times
Play The Bubble Trouble
The Bubble Trouble game free online

The Bubble Trouble Game

Shoot bubbles and match the colors of the bubbles. Match 3 or more bubbles to eliminate them.

played 9.731 times
Play W.R.A.X
W.R.A.X game free online

W.R.A.X Game HOT

Shoot the different types of balls into the center grouping by the rest. Join similar balls to clear.

played 7.964 times
Play Willy Wonka's Bubble Trouble
Willy Wonka's Bubble Trouble game free online

Willy Wonka's Bubble Trouble Game

Keep Violet's bubble from bursting as she floats trough the factory! Play Bubble Trouble Game and safely guide Violet through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

played 36.767 times
Play Witch Ball
Witch Ball game free online

Witch Ball Game

A small and cute flash game in which you have to drag and launch witch balls in order to shoot all the witches off their broom sticks.. Every level will get more colors which make it...

played 10.086 times
Play Zuma Deluxe Clone
Zuma Deluxe Clone game free online

Zuma Deluxe Clone Game

Shoot the colored balls at the other balls of the same color. Protect your planet. Zuma Deluxe Game clone. Aim using your Mouse and Click to shoot a ball. Destroy all the balls in th...

played 11.287 times