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Escape Games

Can you beat it?

Play Pico's Cousin 2
Pico's Cousin 2 game free online

Pico's Cousin 2 Game HOT

Otis visits his grandma but she and his father disappear, leaving him in the retirement home.

played 5.819 times
Play Pico's School
Pico's School game free online

Pico's School Game HOT

Watch out, Pico, the weirdo of the class has gone mad with a machine gun she is going from room to room killing everyone, it is up to you to stop her. A mix of RPG and exploration ga...

played 46.756 times
Play Portal
Portal game free online

Portal Game

You wake up in a test facility somewhere in Middle America to a computer voice telling you there is no hope. What will you do? Just try and solve this Portal puzzle game. You need au...

played 4.589 times
Play Prison Break Breakout
Prison Break Breakout game free online

Prison Break Breakout Game

Escape from your prison cell. Try to make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to escape the prison.

played 11.373 times
Play Prison Escape
Prison Escape game free online

Prison Escape Game HOT

Try to escape the prison without getting detected. Remember you can move objects around by simply walking up to them and pushing them in the direction you want them to move.

played 8.615 times
Play Pursuit
Pursuit game free online

Pursuit Game HOT

This is the sequel of Trapped. Once loaded click Receive It to start the game. Your aim in this logical adventure game is to control the female detective and track the famous gang. Y...

played 6.969 times
Play Puzzle land
Puzzle land game free online

Puzzle land Game HOT

A really funny interactive adventure game similar to Hapland - Help James Mahoggany defeat his arch rival Gregory!

played 5.258 times
Play Puzzled Episode 1
Puzzled Episode 1 game free online

Puzzled Episode 1 Game

The first in the series of point 'n' click games... Find your way out of a different room each episode!

played 2.768 times
Play Puzzled Episode 2
Puzzled Episode 2 game free online

Puzzled Episode 2 Game

The second installment in the hugely popular game Puzzled.

played 6.310 times
Play Qaz's Quest
Qaz's Quest game free online

Qaz's Quest Game

Wake up and get exploring in this RPG game with all sorts of puzzles. Save the town from any danger. Explore the entire town, collect items and use them from the inventory screen whe...

played 4.808 times
Play Red Devil RPG 1
Red Devil RPG 1 game free online

Red Devil RPG 1 Game HOT

Search through the house for items, do quests and missions for people and battle against enemies.

played 5.204 times
Play Red Devil RPG 2
Red Devil RPG 2 game free online

Red Devil RPG 2 Game HOT

A strange ship has crash landed on a house, you go towards it and you begin to investigate. Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and battle enemies.

played 5.335 times
Play Reincarnation - A Demons Day Out
Reincarnation - A Demons Day Out game free online

Reincarnation - A Demons Day Out Game

Hey, my name is Luke. I'm here to set something straight about re-in-car-nation! Now, some humans think that the way you act in the earth realm will determine what you are reincarnat...

played 5.979 times