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Play Room Escape 3
Room Escape 3 game free online

Room Escape 3 Game HOT

Anthony. Che tests I give you are becoming harder and harder... Soon you will fall, when you are too weak to continue. My hatred of you is unimaginable, you will perish in here, ton...

played 4.746 times
Play Saw IV Trapped
Saw IV Trapped game free online

Saw IV Trapped Game

Time to stare death in the face in trapped, a torture test as horrifying as anything you'll see in the SAW IV movie. "Trapped" turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience...

played 14.435 times
Play Shadowed Part1 - Silent Darkness
Shadowed Part1 - Silent Darkness game free online

Shadowed Part1 - Silent Darkness Game

A plain Horror adventure game. I don't see anywhere to run. I don't see anywhere to hide. I'm being shadowed in the silent darkness. Everyone's gone and I am in the darkness alone. E...

played 8.870 times
Play Shore Acres - Brian's Night Out
Shore Acres - Brian's Night Out game free online

Shore Acres - Brian's Night Out Game HOT

Welcome to my neighborhood. You're about to take a trip through my past. Much of what you're about to see actually occured in my life. Some of it is based on dreams I've had, and oth...

played 6.364 times
Play Smart Stick Adventure 2 and a half
Smart Stick Adventure 2 and a half game free online

Smart Stick Adventure 2 and a half Game

Escape the stick figure.

played 7.973 times
Play Sneak Thief 1 Prime Catch
Sneak Thief 1 Prime Catch game free online

Sneak Thief 1 Prime Catch Game HOT

In Sneak Thief 1: Prime Catch you play a thief, a sneaky one if the title didn't tip you off. In it, you're tasked by a man called Don Fabiano to retrieve the inventions of Prof. Bel...

played 5.617 times
Play Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike
Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike game free online

Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike Game HOT

As the stealthy and resourceful Sneak Thief, your mission is to steal the five secret inventions of Professor Bellamy! In this, the second installment of the series, Sneak Thief has...

played 4.332 times
Play Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble
Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble game free online

Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble Game HOT

The third episode in the series. Search, Collect steal and escape. The titular thief finds himself in some kind of underground lair with a number of code pads and a safe. Thieves are...

played 4.082 times
Play Sneaky Castle
Sneaky Castle game free online

Sneaky Castle Game HOT

Adventurous point and click adventure game, find the mysterious items.

played 4.765 times
Play Strange Living Room
Strange Living Room game free online

Strange Living Room Game

This time your waking up in a strange hall,Your aim is to find different objects... Escape the strange living room. Explore the living room and perhaps even find a way out by searchi...

played 5.238 times
Play Submachine 2 -The Lighthouse
Submachine 2 -The Lighthouse game free online

Submachine 2 -The Lighthouse Game

The Submachine series continues in the next RPG adventure inside a lighthouse. Submachine 2 is the sequel to the original point-and-click adventure. Explore this mysterious world, co...

played 9.170 times
Play Submachine 3 - The Loop
Submachine 3 - The Loop game free online

Submachine 3 - The Loop Game HOT

In Submachine 3 the dream continues as you must try to escape from a series of seemingly endless, identical chambers. This time there is no inventory, nothing to assemble - just an i...

played 6.044 times
Play Submachine 4 - The Lab
Submachine 4 - The Lab game free online

Submachine 4 - The Lab Game

The fourth installment of the Submachine series, try and escape again by clicking on different things, finding and using different items. Advance through the factory and unravel its...

played 6.338 times