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Escape Games

Are you good enough?

Play Arinchamber
Arinchamber game free online

Arinchamber Game

You were kidnapped by mad scientists and put into this room. You want to escape and go to your home.

played 6.293 times
Play Arrival In Hell
Arrival In Hell game free online

Arrival In Hell Game

You've just arrived in hell, can you find your way out? You are in a prison cell with notorious criminals until one night some mysterious thing happen..

played 33.397 times
Play Art Class Escape
Art Class Escape game free online

Art Class Escape Game

Student artist Harry is trapped in the art room by his art teacher.He has to complete certain tasks before escaping from the room. The hints regarding the tasks to be done are given...

played 6.948 times
Play Atlantis 2
Atlantis 2 game free online

Atlantis 2 Game

Embark on a journey around the ancient lands in the search of the greatest mysteries. Set out on a quest for Atlantis.

played 14.216 times
Play Atlantis Temple
Atlantis Temple game free online

Atlantis Temple Game

A rather strange puzzle game.

played 4.560 times
Play Automaton Part 2 - Mr. Crumpet
Automaton Part 2 - Mr. Crumpet game free online

Automaton Part 2 - Mr. Crumpet Game

You are Automaton MK 4. A bipedal steamwork automaton. You awoke only a few hours ago in what seemed to be a giant metalic tower known as "the Tower To Heaven". You soon met the ol...

played 5.283 times
Play B714 escape
B714 escape game free online

B714 escape Game

Another escape the room game.

played 5.467 times
Play Balagan Story
Balagan Story game free online

Balagan Story Game HOT

A russian escape the room game.

played 4.984 times
Play Basement
Basement game free online

Basement Game

In this adventure-puzzle game you have to escape the basement. Use torches and bombs to blow up the walls, move boxes and use other objects to get to the exit door.

played 7.518 times
Play Beach
Beach game free online

Beach Game

A fun korea room escape game. Can you solve the puzzle?

played 3.012 times
Play Bomb Defusal
Bomb Defusal game free online

Bomb Defusal Game

Time is critical in Bomb Defusal because there is only 20 minutes on the clock. Go through the room and locate the bomb and then find the necessary items to defuse it!

played 3.307 times
Play Bomb Escape - 1
Bomb Escape - 1 game free online

Bomb Escape - 1 Game

Play the bomb escape game and escape the room by defusing the bomb and solving the puzzle given. You are trapped in a room which contains a live bomb. You have to defuse the bomb in...

played 2.176 times
Play Bugs Bunny The Island Of Dr Moron
Bugs Bunny The Island Of Dr Moron game free online

Bugs Bunny The Island Of Dr Moron Game HOT

Oh no! Now Bugs Bunny is trapped in Dr. Moron's la the carnivorous carrot hot on his tail. Can enought carrots and survive long enoug to advance to the next level? Grab the carrots a...

played 14.619 times